Michal Szuldrzyński: Binational Poland. The union with Ukraine is already working

– He stayed in Poland at the end of February 3,2 million Ukrainians - we are reporting today in "Rzeczpospolita", citing research by Selectivv. But it's not that number that impresses the most, though it shows, that today they are over 8 proc. inhabitants of our country. The most important change is this, that they are culturally different from these people, who lived with us before the war. Today's migrants are wealthier, they play sports more often, they go to the cinema or theatre. Statistically, it is most often a woman and a person below 29 lat. And three-quarters of migrant women have higher education.
This phenomenon can have both positive, as well as negative consequences. There are more and more reports about it, that young Polish women see Ukrainian women as competition on the matrimonial market. Even before the war, there were more women than men in the cities, women found it harder to find a partner at their social level (they are statistically better educated), and the war only exacerbated this phenomenon.
But it's good news for the economy. Greater wealth of new migrants means more consumption. In addition, migrants are willing to take up work, what with the growing shortage of workers (including well qualified) is a positive stimulus for the economy. So the demographics are a bit like the agricultural market. Cheap food from Ukraine is good news for consumers (of course, provided that quality standards are maintained), but bad for Polish farmers, with increasing competition.
Both in demographics, and agriculture, so you need a feel for it. One spark, hate, a stupid or unnecessary statement - and this will not be difficult in the election campaign - may lead to an increase in tension between Poles and Ukrainians. Fortunately, contrary to Moscow's expectations, this cooperation has been going well so far. Columnists discuss various future forms of cooperation between Poland and Ukraine: Is it supposed to be a close alliance, federation, a union or a special partnership. Meanwhile, at the level of societies, this union is already working. A to, that Poland has become a bi-national country, is simply a fact.


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