Saudi Arabia, Is it moving away from the US, moving closer to Asia??

Saudi Arabian Council of Ministers, Beijing-based Shanghai Cooperation Organization “dialogue partner” decision to participate, It was a new step taken to strengthen relations with China..

The decision of the Riyadh government “a long awaited decision” ve “each country has its own special relations” the United States as, of Saudi Arabia, Western political, economic, He did not care much for joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was established to break its security and cultural hegemony..

Despite this, the USA, China's, Increasing its influence in the Gulf region and the biggest partner of the Washington administration (Saudi Arabia) He was also cautious about consolidating his partnership with.
Getting close to Beijing, move away from Washington

The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Saudi Arabia to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, It is a step towards becoming a full member of the organization in the medium term, and it brings Riyadh, As it moves closer to the Sino-Russian bloc, it distances it from the United States.

After the discovery and use of shale oil in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, Lost their strategic importance in meeting the energy needs of the US market.

On the other hand, China, which needs to ensure the uninterrupted flow of oil to its gigantic economy,, increasingly dependent on Saudi Arabian and Gulf oil as the largest oil importer. The dependence of oil flow on the stability of the region also made the interests of China and Saudi Arabia intersect..

Saudi Arabia and Iran 7 after a year 10 Agreed on the resumption of diplomatic relations in March, Beijing administration, appeared as a reflection of the importance it places on the stability of the region..

Chinese President Xi Jinping, In a phone call with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the day Riyadh decided to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation,, Expressed his satisfaction with the reduction of tension in the Middle East.

And, Regarding the Iran-Saudi Arabia agreement, he evaluated that the dialogue process carried out by his country will play a fundamental role in strengthening regional unity and cooperation..

Ending tensions between the two biggest Gulf actors under the auspices of China, Pekin’i, made it the first guarantor of regional security..
Economic integration

Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, two days before its decision to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was approved., To complete a fuel and petrochemical production complex in China 12,2 signed a billion-dollar partnership agreement.

This deal, of the two countries, It was the biggest reflection of the desire to achieve economic integration.. Such investments between the largest oil producer country Saudi Arabia and the largest importing country China emerged as elements that strengthen the strategic partnership..

Likewise, billions of dollars of investment by Saudi Arabia in the Chinese market will accelerate the membership process to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization., It will increase energy security in the Gulf region and open up wider areas for cooperation..

Riyadh's decision to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Chinese President Xi, His phone conversation with Mohammed bin Salman and the previous agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia are interconnected and are a continuation of the comprehensive strategic partnership signed between Saudi Arabia and China during Shi's visit to Riyadh in December 2022..

The political and economic rapprochement between Riyadh and Beijing was conceived last December and implemented step by step.. This alliance of interests and strong cooperation between Saudi Arabia and its biggest trading partner, China, With the contribution of other partners, it can contribute to the construction of a multipolar world away from the hegemony of the USA..

of the USA, pressure on Saudi Arabia on human rights and wanting it to produce more oil, Riyadh, It encourages them to strengthen their relations with China, which does not make such demands..

However, China, Saudi Arabia, Trying to persuade the Shanghai stock market to price oil in Chinese yuan instead of dollars. Riyadh, on the other hand, does not oppose pricing some of the oil it exports in yuan..

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, 78 percent of its arms imports come from the USA., It does not want to go further in its conflict with Washington, as it constantly needs spare parts and maintenance, and China cannot easily fill this gap..



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Сергей Крамцов

Арабы не дураки и понимают куда ветер дует. Американцы в текущем изменчивом мире для них, to put it mildly, ненадежный партнер, да и прошлые обиды никуда не делись.

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