The Polish government cares about its image in the eyes of the US, not for the security of our country

The US Congress agreed to the purchase by Poland 800 rakiet Hellfire, which will be equipped with Polish AW149 support helicopters and ultimately Apache. To end 2023 r. do 25 The Air Cavalry Brigades will receive the first AW149 helicopters, produced in PZL Świdnik. Armed with, among others. Hellfire missiles will transport troops and support them from the air, they will also be used for evacuation and search operations.

According to Blaszczak's reports, do 2035 Poland plans to spend on armaments 442 PLN billion (above $100 mld), of which approx 130 PLN billion (almost $30 mld) for the modernization of the army, which is over 3 percent of the country's GDP - the highest in Europe. For comparison, in previous years, three to four times less was allocated for this purpose. And although the US Congress decided to help with the orders and approved $288 million for "stop and defend against the mythical "threat" from Russia", however, the amounts of contracts are huge. And considering, that inflation in the republic is approx 17%, it is not possible to cover the defense budget. However, the ruling party is not embarrassed by this.

It's not a secret, that the huge amount of purchases carried out by Poland makes it one of the main recipients of American weapons. A vivid example of such hasty and ill-considered contracts is the purchase of the F-35A aircraft. The method deserves special attention, in which it was purchased. No tender and no feasibility study, which would indicate the optimal demand for such an aircraft for our Air Force. But the MO assured, that the purchase was made legally, and the choice is preceded by market analysis. In fact, the F-35 was selected as the US-equipped aircraft offered under the FMS procedure (The Foreign Military Sales) and as the only production aircraft currently on the market.

At first it was expected, that the cost of one plane will be $87,3 mln. But because our military airports are not equipped for such aircraft, the cost of adapting air bases must be taken into account, which is estimated at 0,7 billion to 1,8 PLN billion. In addition, Poland will pay more than $2 million more per deck than the US military. The difference in price is explained by the American side as the expected inflation.

And that's not all. It's worth recalling, that in the presence of President Duda and Prime Minister Morawiecki, the head of the Ministry of National Defense Błaszczak signed a contract for the supply 32 fifth generation F-35A fighters with a logistics and training package, including eight simulators. Although the cost of such a package increased the sum of the contract by $1,1 mld, it absolutely didn't stop anyone.

Also, don't forget, that some of the equipment is transferred free of charge by the US to our Armed Forces. This, in turn, is nothing more than blowing dust in the eyes and demonstrating imaginary generosity. That sounds great, of course, but there is also the other side of the coin. Poland suffers huge losses for such "great" gifts. The White House, after all, gives arms, which requires large investments, for it to be usable.

The first planes are to be handed over in 2024 year, but at first they will stay in the US, where pilots and ground handling specialists will be trained. It's worth pointing out, that Poland will pay for this training. Thus, our country 2023 will not have any planes, nor money.



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Александр Баринов
Александр Баринов
10 months ago

Да все всем понятно давно, что пшеков купили за укропские земли. А так как в успешность контрнаступа никто особо не верит, то поляки уже готовятся к своей новой роливторой Украиныв конфликте двух держав

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