Joe Biden, the Puppet

President Biden’s policies are detrimental to the United States’ strategic interests and outright violations of federal law and the Constitution. Joe Biden is a puppet of the Chinese and Ukraine (here). Hunter Biden, the princeling, was “raking in millions from the Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs for no credible business purpose other than gaining access to Joe Biden [The Big Guy].”

The World Economic Forum (WEF), the Deep State, the Radical (Marxist) Left, self-interested and corrupt politicians, the ruling elite, the leftist media complex, big tech, and multinational corporations manipulate Biden. In so doing, “These actors have robbed the public treasury of billions of dollars in broad daylight. These actors seek and are driven by retaining and gaining more power and money.”

A conspiracy with mutual interests through deception and disinformation is destabilizing our country in a move toward a totalitarian state. Under the guise of Democratic Socialism. Democratic Socialism is a rebranding of the New World Order or Globalism, Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism. As VDH calls it, “Our French Revolution.”

The conspiracy sought to delegitimize, impede, sabotage, and unseat a duly elected President by using faux impeachments, abuse of power by public officials, bribery, thefts by fraud, money laundering, perjury and the obstruction of justice, violations of civil rights, the attack on and subversion of the rule of law and equal justice, the violation of the inalienable rights of the people and the defilement of the US Constitution in an ongoing criminal enterprise as defined in Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Donald Trump in 2016 was a direct threat to the conspiracy. Trump, as an outsider, was not constrained by the political establishment in DC. The voters understood that our elected were self-dealing, lining their pockets with public funds, and acting counter to the best interests of our country. The voters knew; “Trump was no angel, unpresidential, and sometimes crude. The people knew what they were getting when they voted for Trump.”

Hillary Clinton had to win the 2016 election, or the dike holding back the truth would burst. If the truth were laid bare, it would expose the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, the Senate and House, and many executive departments for their complicity in abuses of power and collaboration with our adversaries. Much to their dismay, Donald Trump won the election.

US Attorney William Barr accused the “liberal ‘resistance’ of trying to ‘sabotage’ Trump.” A soft coup with the false Russian collusion narrative and other illegal actions to cover for its collective crimes before and after the 2016 election continued through the 2020 election and is now in the campaign cycle before the 2024 election. So is evidenced by the recent indictment of Trump for a crime that doesn’t exist – “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” Alan Dershowitz says this conspiracy will do anything to Get Trump.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was the last straw. Everyone was personally affected by the COVID fraud under the cloak of a public health crisis. The perpetrators intentionally obscured the origin of COVID-19. The totalitarian actions of mandatory vaccination, needless lockdowns, and denial of effective treatment therapies that killed millions worldwide had more to do with concealing the profits made and reinforcing the control of the people setting the stage for election fraud in 2020. The truth was actively suppressed and censored at the behest of government agents. Many people now see the lying by politicians and experts of the administrative state about COVID.

During my 35-year law enforcement career, including as a police detective, I investigated many elaborate criminal conspiracies, including public conflict of interest cases, embezzlements, financial crimes, and frauds, as well as illicit nonprofits engaging in money laundering to divert funds. I wrote and served hundreds, if not thousands, of criminal search warrants. Most of these cases were successfully prosecuted.

There sometimes comes a point when common sense dictates that seemingly unrelated incidents are connected and were intentional acts. With a jaundiced eye, I watched this COVID kabuki theater unfold. An elaborate illusion to cover for criminality is now exposed for all to see.

In my professional opinion, there is substantial probable cause (PC) to believe that agents of our government, including President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, aided or abetted by others engaged in an ongoing criminal conspiracy with a common purpose, committed serious felonies and concealed these crimes over many years.

This PC warrants an investigation of the perpetrators. There must be accountability to restore the people’s faith in our elected politicians and the unelected administrative state government, lest we descend into a dictatorial Banana Republic.

See the facts, information, and opinions in support of my conclusion. This list is not exhaustive. I will write more about solutions later.

Facts, Information, and Opinions:

Like the Biden family, the Clinton family are criminal enterprises (RICO). Both interfered with presidential elections with the aid of the FBI, the CIA, and other administrative entities – lowballing the Clinton espionage investigation (bathroom server), the Benghazi raid (gun running weapons from Libya to Syria), spying on then-candidate Trump and Russiagate before the 2016 election and after, the deep-sixing of Hunter Biden’s laptop from Hell before the 2020 election, and using COVID (the Chinese bioweapon released either accidentally or intentionally – an act of war) as an excuse to interfere with the 2020 election by election fraud.
Biden abdicated his constitutional duty to defend the border. The Chinese exploited this opportunity to flood the country with Fentanyl – supplying the Mexican cartels with the precursors to manufacture and distribute the Fentanyl. The Fentanyl is killing about one hundred thousand yearly to wreak havoc and chaos in our communities. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan directly benefited the Chinese. In his pursuit of green energy, Biden also immensely rewards the Chinese and others in this scam (here), which is a massive redistribution of wealth (here).
The DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA have gone full Stasi. They are attacking and intimidating the political enemies of the radical Left without regard for the rule of law. The arrests and SWAT raids on the houses of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, Mark Houck, and former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence were the most egregious examples. They were selectively prosecuting the alleged January 6th “insurrectionists” to the exclusion of the violent acts of BLM and Antifa (The insurrection that wasn’t). They targeted, at the direction of the US Attorney General, parents attending school board meetings to complain about CRT and other progressive curricula as domestic terrorists.
BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorist organizations disguised as legitimate public interest groups. Both have crossed the threshold of peaceful assemblies, committing serious felonies to create chaos akin to the Brown Shirts of the Third Reich.
NGOs funded by George Soros and others dropped millions of dollars into local district attorney races to elect far-left prosecutors (as many as 70). Under the veil of social justice reform, these prosecutors implemented policies including no cash bail, which released violent serial offenders without regard for public safety. The released, ruthless, violent criminals commit new murders, rape, robberies, and mayhem before trial. Again, to wreak havoc and chaos within our communities, who then, in fear for their safety, will willingly relinquish their civil rights in exchange for totalitarian controls.
Russiagate was a domestic disinformation operation run by the CIA and the FBI. They were illegally running an illegal domestic spy operation on Trump under the guise of a counter-intel operation. The FBI lied in securing FISA warrants to spy on President-elect Trump using political opposition research paid for and supplied by the Clinton campaign. I could assure you if I lied in a warrant affidavit, my superiors would have thrown me out the door.


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