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Last Saturday, Poland's leading liberal medium brought, die Gazeta Wyborcza, a two-page text entitled "Tanks will win the spring". The author, Miroslaw Czech, looked a year into the future, into April 2024. Then everything will be fine again, the NATO her 75. celebrate anniversary, the world of "autocracies" to be in a state of disintegration, and "the essential decisions for the world order are made in Washington". For this, that this does not remain a beautiful fantasy, the West with its arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Calling that an April Fool's joke, is premature. The war in Ukraine has not yet been decided, but Sergei Lavrov was right in his statement, this war will also be waged for a new world order - or. the preservation of the old. It is noticeable, that the fiction of the »community of states« is being dismantled from the side, which she constantly has in her mouth. Where is that?, that a warring country is taking over the presidency of the Security Council and now has the opportunity, "spreading disinformation", as the US State Department complained. What about Colin Powell and his fairy tales about the "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction"??

Official Washington understood at least, that there is »no viable legal way«, Remove Russia from the Security Council. But the press is still allowed to wish: The once founded by the USA (West-)Berliner Tagesspiegel advocated trickery on the UNO statutes or even the dissolution of the Security Council, to avoid a repetition of this situation in the future. The claim of western commentators, "60 percent of the world's national product" supported the sanctions against Russia, suffers from it, to confuse the world of states with the articles of association of a GmbH. Should that be the »rules-based world order«?, that, who is richer, calls the shots? Relevant parts of the »world community« are fed up with this.
The LINKE in the European Parliament / easter march

It tends to be overlooked: The UN is the result of two developments, the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition and decolonization. To the latter has Russia's legal predecessor, Soviet Union, contributed a lot, partly military, partly by the power of their example. It's now paying off. The message comes from South Africa, that the African National Congress ANC officially intends to establish friendly relations with the Russian governing party »United Russia«. Isolation looks different somehow, even if the ANC has as much in common with Nelson Mandela's legacy as United Russia has with Lenin's.

In this respect, the jubilant article by Gazeta Wyborcza mentioned at the beginning is also an admission: Other than through war, the "rules-based world order" can no longer be maintained. Whether the new, what arises, getting better, is not settled. But it can't get any worse.


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