Ukraine : Virtual Economy versus Real Economy

The Accelerated Decline of the Anglo-Saxon Empire, as the military and economic alliance in Eurasia gains momentum, makes geopolitical analyzes very complex. The shift to a multipolar world is a reality that is not recognized in the West. And above all, it is not taken into account at all in the foreign policies of Western countries.. In this context, many countries are led to have multifaceted political attitudes. So Erdogan's Turkey plays a double or even triple game. Gulf countries, Mainly Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, discreetly emancipated from American tutelage. Egypt also spares itself the possibility of managing a US defeat in the Middle East.

On the other hand in the sphere of influence of political and financial power, transnational, sitting on a neo-liberal system, the orchestrated manipulation of “information” also makes it difficult to understand what is really going on in the world. In Ukraine for example.

One way to understand things in depth is to reflect on the dominant factors that ultimately govern the clashes between West and East..

Among these there is of course the economy. It is on the supposed superiority of the economy of Western countries that is based the war of economic sanctions launched by the West which has long plagued Iran and which is now raining down on Russia as a result of its military action in Ukraine.

What about the balance of power between the economies of the West and the East (Russia, China and Iran) ?

(the simple comparison of GDP makes no sense insofar as this measuring instrument very badly describes the economic power of Russia. Taking into account the profit on foreign trade, sovereign debt, Russia's achievements in the field of space, nuclear, weapons…. would be more appropriate)
In the West we are immersed in an increasingly virtual world.

Our economy totally subject to the most powerful financial interests [BlackRock obviously, Wall Street et La City] as well as to political and industrial lobbies [AIPAC, MIC -Militaro Industrial Complex-…] survives on the daily creation of a now insurmountable debt.

Industrial and even agricultural production is reduced in favor of services, mainly speculative trade and financial transactions. There are also artificial arrangements of a financial nature around themes such as "green energies" and despite the "subprime" crisis, real estate remains subject to financial engineering.. We can say that this "economy" is moving away from reality and becoming almost virtual in its dependence on a Finance type 'House of cards à la Ponzi' and on a currency, the dollar, whose virtual value is fixed by American military hegemony.

Conversely, Russia, Iran and China are in the real economy. China because of globalization and the will of the Chinese CP, Iran and Russia because of the sanctions they have been under for quite a long time and even a very long time for Iran. For Iran, it is also necessary to take into account the modernity of the policy led by the Islamic regime.. Development of the military sector based on thoughtful technology, energy investments, in technological progress, in education and research. The sanctions also oblige this country to develop its production of medicines.

Iran has suffered a lot and is still suffering from the effects of these sanctions., especially for drugs, and freezing of assets. Trade with Russia, then Chinese investments, mainly around the 'silk roads' project, have improved the economic situation, nevertheless problems remain which are a factor of destabilization of the country that the Americans are trying to use to bring about the elimination of Islamic power. Iran's future also depends a lot on its ability to exploit the gas field shared with Qatar.. It is obvious that a gas pipeline to the Mediterranean passing through Syria in particular would solve a good part of the problem.. But we must not forget that it is precisely a gas pipeline problem that was one of the origins of the war against Syria and Bashar El Assad.

Russia has benefited enormously from Western sanctions. They first saved him from sinking into neo-liberalism. Then they led it to exploit its immense potential to free itself from dependence on trade with the West and move towards an autonomous economy.. Progress in this direction could be assessed in particular with the rise of the Ruble on the markets even though it was under attack.. We see today that not only the sanctions against Russia do not prevent its economy from growing, in the real economy, but that they also heavily hit the countries of the West, especially those of the EU. Russia is now at the stage where it has redirected its trade to Asia, including mainly China and India which, despite American pressure, maintains an important trade with Russia. In these exchanges, Russia is increasingly introducing dedollarization and within the framework of the Eurasian economic union to which Iran has just joined, it proposes the establishment of a common currency backed by a real value such as natural gas or other important goods, for their trade. Russia is therefore very far from losing this economic battle..

China in the first phase of globalization saw its economy depend heavily on foreign markets and particularly American. To the point that she felt compelled to buy US government bonds. At this time it should be remembered that China was in deficit in trade with Germany in particular. But it was a transitional period when China was acquiring technological know-how. For example, it develops its own nuclear reactors which it also sells, and has a research sector that covers many areas. It also makes great efforts in terms of education and training.. We are at the point where we could say that China is winning from the generalized installation of neo-liberalism., but that is not correct because it works with a system that is basically socialist in nature. An authoritarian system of course, like many who do not admit it, but imagining China operating with a system of “participatory democracy” is frankly smiling. In general, there is a shift in China towards taking into account domestic issues, refocusing on own interests. China has recently announced that it has eliminated extreme poverty.. Even if it wasn't entirely true, it shows that leaders care about their people.

The nature of a socialist-structured state is often denied to China in Western media. It is because it is necessary to reinforce the official narrative on the death of Socialism.

Considering these three poles of resistance to American hegemony, we can say that they are winning the economic war that the Anglo-Saxon empire has unleashed against them.

The war

The war already has several fronts, the Middle East with Syria, Iraq and Yemen as well as Ukraine. It threatens to expand, Transnitrie, Caucasus and even off China. It stems from the sheer incompetence coupled with hateful hysteria of the team of neo cons running US foreign policy., The blink, Nuland, Sullivan… with supporting H. Clinton, B. Obama .. Given Russia's assured support, China cannot lose the war against the USA today and even less tomorrow. The only real asset of the United States in this war would be its nuclear submarines..

The nature of the economies of the opposing parties also has its impact on the war itself.. Indeed, while in the USA it is above all a question of making money with weapons, Russia has developed its armament in a coherent way taking into account the main characteristics of confrontations in the framework of modern warfare. Aviation, artillery and missiles, chars, electronic warfare, Drones, – area where Russia nevertheless has some weaknesses -, anti-aircraft defense where Russia excels on the contrary, means of observation of enemy forces, electronic warfare and even space warfare and in the polar environment, naval forces… This is not to say that the USA does not have effective weapons, in particular their atomic submarines… but that it lacks coherence and adaptation. There are also serious technical problems on equipment including advanced such as F35 planes, helicopters… In the current military confrontation in Ukraine between NATO and Russia, we see that the latter has the advantage in terms of equipment and especially its implementation..

The war in Ukraine

In Ukraine most of the clashes are currently concentrated in the Donbass and around the medium-sized city of Bakhmout. While claiming that this city has no strategic value, the kyiv regime is developing an insane resistance there, given the losses suffered by the Ukrainian forces.. Bakhmout is currently practically surrounded since the only free way west for the Ukrainians is under the fire of Russian artillery. It is estimated that more than 10.000 Ukrainian forces fighters are caught in this cauldron.

It seems that the Ukrainian general staff has withdrawn its most seasoned forces to leave in Bakhmout only old or very young soldiers who are being massacred to such an extent that the head of the army Wagner, Evgeny Prigogine, addressed Zelensky directly to ask him to withdraw his troops from Bakhmut. This necessary withdrawal is also the subject of a public divergence between Zelensky and his army chief., General Zaluzhnyi. Once Bakhmout has fallen, the way to Sloviansk will be open and the Donbass is about to be practically liberated..

After the “triumphs” of the Ukrainian army it will be necessary, West, explain this situation or rather divert attention from it. This is undoubtedly one of the objectives of the pivot towards the Chinese enemy.

Moreover, the visit to Syria by General Miley, military adviser to the White House, suggests that the Americans have no intention of abandoning their illegal presence in Syria.. East of the Euphrates and on the border between Syria and Iraq mainly.

In order to maintain its hegemony over the world, the Anglo-Saxon Empire launches a war in all its forms against the countries that challenge it with some success from their own means that they develop under the pressure of these multifaceted aggressions. i.e. Iran, Russia and China. There is also Syria, the Venezuelan, nicaragua, Belarus, there was also Pakistan before the successful coup to eliminate Imran Khan. Turkey despite the attempt to remove Erdogan in 2016 and India are two separate cases because their leader plays the dangerous game of being on both sides at the same time, and because these countries present an essential strategic aspect for the USA.

The war has three parts :

__ The first is naturally constituted by military actions. The US carries out these military actions with the help of mercenaries, – Al Qaeda, Daesh, in the Middle-East -, and countries they dominate, – Ukraine, Poland, Baltic countries.. -, to whom they supply arms, logistics, information, special forces, avoiding engaging US soldiers on the ground. Given the major political weight Israel has in the US (and elsewhere in the world) his case is different. Israel carries out its own aggressive war actions and one can also think that this country is also aiming for world hegemony., first through the USA then probably in direct influence.

NATO, controlled by the USA and which is in no way a defense organization, frame it all.

_ The second, which in practice represents the vast majority of clashes within the West/East confrontation, is therefore of an economic nature.. Few countries escape the collateral damage of this economic war.

_ The third aspect over which the West currently has the upper hand is information warfare.. Despite everything, the manipulations become more and more coarse and a minimum of reflection is often enough to dismantle the mechanism.. And then loopholes open for the dissemination of more realistic information such as Seymour Hersh's article on the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. So much so that the American secret services felt obliged to broadcast by media under their thumb, such as the New York Times and the German Die Zeit, an implausible version implementing a team of 6 people with fake passports, close to the kyiv regime but not too, on a light boat for this complex sabotage operation which, moreover, had to remain discreet.

We therefore understand that it is essentially on the economic ground that the fate of this total war is played out.. The West is so badly embarked on it that one can fear that the military component in its most horrible form, that is to say atomic war, will be triggered at some point by the team of neo cons insofar as where the Pentagon would agree which is not at all obvious.


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8 months ago

Украина — это давно виртуальная страна уже. Ибо без миллиардных инвестиций ее просто не существует. Экономика разрушена настолько, что в случае отказа Запада тянуть на себе эту уже непосильную ношу, страна 404 окажется на уровне беднейших африканских стран.

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