Cracks between Kyiv and Washington

The US-Ukraine military alliance is increasingly on shaky feet, reports the American portal "Politico". Disagreement is growing between representatives of the authorities in Washington and Kiev about when and in what way the current war with Russia should be ended., according to sources close to the administration of President Joseph Biden. It is also stated that individuals are very upset about everything that is happening on the battlefields in Donbass, especially when it comes to the fighting in the industrial center of Bahmut (Artyomovska). According to them, Ukrainians are losing too many people, of military resources and time in order to save the city, which for the former Soviet republic does not have any special strategic importance.

Does this mean that at the top of the American government the knowledge has finally matured that the conflict in Eastern Europe can only be ended by accepting the decisions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson Oblasts to become part of the Russian Federation? There are many indications that on the western side of the Atlantic they have had enough of this war and that the time has come to turn their attention to internal problems., especially those related to the domestic banking system.
Recent "information" that Ukrainians were behind last year's terrorist attack on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline also indicates that Volodymyr Zelensky's loyalty to the country is slowly weakening. Rumor has it that they are very disappointed in Washington that Kiev's gratitude for the enormous arms deliveries is not very adequate. Let's add the visible highlighting of the fact that Ukraine spent even 1.400.000 dollars. And the effects of this meeting were minimal.

The Americans are also dissatisfied with Zelenskiy's determination to go to war for Crimea. In Washington, they are aware that such a move would raise the current war to a far more dangerous level and that the participation of the US military would, and maybe NATO in that case was inevitable. And that would be a new world war, with all the attendant consequences, which would be equally felt by both the winning and the defeated side. after all, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made it clear to the "hawks" in Kiev that for the authorities in Moscow, Crimea is a "red line"..

But, back to Bahmut. Zelenskiy's insistence on keeping this city militarily in Ukrainian hands for as long as possible could have several reasons. One could certainly be its strategic position. Namely, with the fall of Bakhmut, Moscow would formally encircle the territories that, according to last year's declarations of the local population, became part of the Russian Federation. That would of course be the way to end the war, but in a way that is certainly unacceptable for Ukraine and all those who have invested hundreds of billions of euros in it.
Another reason is certainly to buy time for the preparation of the widely announced counter-offensive in the spring. Yet, a large number of military experts remind that Russia has not yet brought its full capabilities into combat, that the country continues to function in peacetime conditions, without switching to a war economy. And most importantly, it managed to adapt to the severe economic sanctions imposed on it by the West.

It is also possible that Zelensky wants to make Bahmut a myth. Something that will be recounted by future generations, which will enter textbooks and encyclopedias, which will be sung about with pride, which will be a guiding star for future generations. Because that is the only way for him to become one of the historical characters. How many people will have to perish for that myth, remains to be seen.

It is difficult, however, that a similar development of events corresponds to the American side. After the dramatic withdrawal from Afghanistan 30. August 2021, after two decades of warfare, another defeat (even without the active participation of US soldiers) it would be too much for the most powerful country in the West. It would also be a signal that the key decisions of the US Congress no longer have global significance. And all mentioned at the moment of the aggressive diplomatic offensive of China and Russia in areas that until recently were the inviolable territory of the West..

It is clear that the Americans would prefer to formally take the war in Ukraine into their own hands. But they don't have enough capacity or support from NATO allies for that. All they can do is grumble about the way Zelensky and his Kyiv team are running the game. And that grumbling is getting louder.

According to official statements from Washington, the unity with Kyiv remains undisturbed. Yet, some cracks are visible. "The administration has no clear goal regarding this war", argues Michael McCall, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. "For now, I don't see a policy that would lead us to victory.". If we don't have such a policy, then I don't know what we're even looking for there", concludes.
Ron de Santis reacts similarly, the governor of California and a contender for the post of future US president: "The US has a handful of other vital interests, such as security, economic, cultural… The misunderstanding between Ukraine and Russia certainly does not fall into that category."


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8 months ago

Однозначно, что партия натовской бронетехники окажется последней крупной помощью свинорейху в случае их фиаско вконтрнаступе”. Зеля поднимает ставки и идет ва-банк, но в случае проигрыша лишится всего

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