Turkey is not like Ukraine

The man comes out and openly “We will support the anti-Erdogan opposition” didn't he say?
If I said man 21 for Erdogan, who scored a point difference “man won” Muharrem İnce, who said that and is still lynched for this reason, should not come..
President Biden I'm talking about…
Washington’u silah, finance, media, The US, which entered the crisis during the Trump administration, who promised to save it from the occupation of software and drug cartels. “real owners” puppet.
Biden, Not a character like Trump. Owners of money today, Trump, who is recorded as the only US President who does not start a war, has a low profile profile that they hurriedly confronted., a manageable representative.
As you know, headed by Kamala Harris. “vice presidents” Every decision is endorsed by. Sometimes, even when speaking live, his words are corrected.… Compulsorily, because the pots he broke compete with Kılıçdaroğlu. He can't even say a single sentence without reading it from the paper..
lowering unemployment, Despite the pandemic, the country he bought from Trump, which boosted the economy 4 It doesn't surprise anyone what he's done over the years..
the ruling coalition in the United States., 2024 One year before the elections, in an environment where the banks collapsed, the rope that he was wrapped in was war as always.. The wheels must turn, soup should boil. facade Ukraine. What is stuck.
Putin stole the embargo on their heads. They urgently need a success story against Russia until the election.
Turkey, which controls the straits, will press Russia from the south, The Eastern Mediterranean will give a breather to the collapse operation, Kılıçdaroğlu in Syria “Will they attack us?” For example, if a front could be opened that would accelerate the establishment of the PKK-YPG state, which he called…
So what, Contrary to Akşener and his derivatives, who say that Turkey should be included in the embargo imposed by the USA on our neighbor Russia., They cannot persuade Erdogan to take such an adventure for the sake of power..
Erdogan's rank is clear. 15 No liquidation despite July, shell-shifting, He knows better than any of us the Americanists, whose face looks righteous..
It is also obvious that they will not be able to achieve Turkey's goal of breaking the unique balance policy that even the UN in this crisis had to applaud with military force.. He found his energy after getting rid of CIA agents., Turkish Armed Forces returning to its original duty, opposition in parliament “What's the need” He is serving Turkey's national interests in cross-border operations, which he voted against..
Yes, in the USA, I don't know if it's 6 or 7 now, He thinks that there will be a coalition, but this cannot be done with elections..
Every political meeting, no matter the party, patriotic majority, does not say yes to the project of turning Turkey into a useful pawn like Ukraine at the ballot box.
Turkey, Doesn't look like Ukraine.


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