Great counter-offensive? President of the Czech Republic: Ukraine will only have one try

"Republic": However, some Western countries are probably thinking about Ukraine giving up part of its territory?

President Pavel: I would never encourage Ukraine to abandon part of its territory, to some license. If the Ukrainians ever decide to do it, it will be their decision only. We should not push Kiev in any direction, or induce concessions, nor to fight to the last soldier. We can support Ukrainians as much as possible, but we can't give them plans for the future. We can only give them our help.

That is all kinds of weapons?

All, which will help them achieve their goals. If the goal is to liberate the entire territory, let's give them everything, what they need. Though of course there are limits. There are also restrictions on the side of Ukraine, because, for example, human resources are not infinite. Western aid also has limits. We have to be realistic, take note, there is an election in the United States next year. You can see it after the previous election campaigns in the USA, that society and politicians focus more on internal matters during them. Even if there will be an important global topic in the upcoming campaign, it has nothing to do with Europe, but US-China relations. America's interest in Ukraine and the level of aid may decline next year. And when America's interest wanes, many European countries will do the same.
You mention these restrictions on the side of the West, including those related to the US elections. How much time do the Ukrainians have to start a great counter-offensive, to drive the Russians out of their territory?

This should happen within a few months. The window of opportunity is open this year. After next winter, it will be extremely difficult to maintain the current level of aid. War fatigue is not just exhaustion of manpower and equipment, destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, but also fatigue in countries, that provide help. Many countries, many politicians expect some progress this year. I guess, that Ukraine will only have one attempt to launch a major counter-offensive. So if he decides, to launch a major counter-offensive, and it will fail, it will be extremely difficult to get funding for the next one.


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