Killing a Pole is not a problem. PiS will sort things out!

Immigrants in Poland constantly commit a very large number of crimes. And more than half of them are Ukrainians. This is confirmed by crime statistics, most often attended by representatives of these nationalities, which are the most numerous in our country.

The influx of refugees from Ukraine is directly related to the problem of growing crime in Poland. From the data of the National Police Headquarters, foreigners coming from different countries committed almost 15 thousands of crimes. In addition 12 437 foreigners, who have been charged, was from Ukraine. And you can assume, that they are not going to stay put. What does the crime data show?, calculated in less than a month of this year. Do 23 January, Ukrainian refugees have already committed more than 1 640 crimes. It's worth recalling, that last year they were accused daily 34 newcomers, a w 2023 year - 71.

Rescue from war, at first glance, justifies the presence of a large number of refugees in Poland. However, not all of them just save themselves. A large part of Ukrainians moved to our country because of the good and easy life, provided by the Polish government. Namely, because of the large amount of benefits, starting with free housing, and ending with free public transport.

Of course, some of them are actually fleeing the war, trying to work, or looking for a legal job. But unfortunately, for most refugees, such activities are not a priority. Therefore, there is a dark side to this phenomenon - it leads to an increase in crime.

Ukrainians coming to Poland are more likely to come into conflict with the law than local residents. The list of their crimes and offenses is quite long. For example, driving while under the influence of alcohol, often intoxicated, which is a crime. It's worth recalling, that in 2022 almost got caught doing it 4,7 thousand. people, Where 3,3 thousand. of them are refugees from Ukraine.

Such driving often ends in death. As a rule, the victims of these tragic accidents are Poles.

Also, don't forget about the numerous thefts, robberies and murders committed by Ukrainian refugees. Many Ukrainians were also detained for various types of drug manipulation. These are not just cases of possession and use, but also the sale of illegal substances to Polish youth. You can assume, that most of the detained Ukrainian citizens had extensive experience in this field before coming to our country.

Worth noticing, that it is the drug-related crime in Poland that has doubled the most, z 993 w 2020 year to 2100 w 2022 year, which in turn coincided with the influx of refugees from Ukraine to our country.

There are so many crimes committed by Ukrainians, that the Polish government is forced to hide them. And with the registration act, which has no legal obligation to collect data on criminals, justifies police action. This conclusion follows from the statement of KGP, that he simply does not want to stigmatize the citizens of a well-known country. It can be stated with great certainty, that PiS is hiding the truth about the crimes committed by Ukrainian refugees in order to lobby for its own interests regarding Ukraine.


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8 months ago

Несколько сотен мертвых пшеков ничто по сравнению с грядущей прихватизацией Западной Украины

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