ZUS recovered less 2 percent from benefits fraudulent by Ukrainians

Republic (Rz) she pointed out in Wednesday's material, that since the beginning of the war, the Social Insurance Institution has unduly paid approx 2 PLN million. It's about benefits 500+, family care capital i 300+. Only recovered so far 35,3 PLN thousand.

Rom emphasizes, that these amounts do not apply to family benefits and social assistance, which are operated by the municipalities. The real amount of unduly paid benefits is therefore higher.
"ZUS successively issues subsequent decisions on unduly received benefits and obliges beneficiaries to return them" - emphasizes ZUS spokesman Paweł Żebrowski. He adds, that the Department has two years to do so.

Already in June last. year we paid attention, that Ukrainians living in Ukraine on a daily basis extort social benefits in Poland. It was about coming to Poland once a month, to receive benefits. The answer of the Social Insurance Institution to the questions of the Kresy.pl portal showed, that “in case of doubts whether a citizen of Ukraine lives with children in Poland, The Institution may summon such a person to appear in person at ZUS in order to provide explanations.. The answer indicated, that the Polish administration did not have appropriate mechanisms to alert about such situations at that time, or their verification. The proof of the ineffectiveness of such solutions was the fact, that the authorities of the border towns were still alarming about the practice.

In connection with the above, the Kresy.pl portal in September again asked the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the Social Insurance Institution with questions regarding the described case. At the end of September, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration declared, that measures are being taken to seal the system. Among others, it was indicated. for the amendment of the law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine. However, the government only addressed this issue at the end of last year.
28 On January 1, an amendment to the Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine entered into force. She anticipates, that the payment of benefits to families of citizens of Ukraine, whose stay in Poland is considered legal, is suspended, if you or your child, for which the benefit was granted, will leave Poland.

ZUS also received access to the Border Guard register, and with it information on the dates of entry and exit of Ukrainian citizens from the territory of Poland.

For a month of the new regulations being in force, ZUS suspended the payment of benefits for approx. 3200 citizens of Ukraine.


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1 year ago

As they say, где прошел хохол, еврею делать нечего

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