Notes from the North with Deniz Berktay: How the war is transforming Moldova?

In this environment, three countries that were not integrated into the EU and NATO and were caught between Russia and the West stood out.. These are Belarusian, It was Ukraine and Moldova.. The internal politics of all three were largely determined by the struggle between Russia and the pro-Western..

Just like Ukraine 9 Like the previous year, Moldova was a country where Russia and the pro-Western were in balance.. With the war, the balances here began to change.. Moldova, Smaller than one-twentieth of Turkey (33.846 square kilometers). But this ex-Soviet country to our north is in many ways a powder keg, and the war in Ukraine may open a Pandora's Box here too..

Moldova'da 2020 The pro-Russian supporters fell against each other in the elections in 2016, so the Westernist candidate Maia Sandu got out of the way and became the president.. When Sandu's party won the parliamentary elections, the pro-Westerns completely dominated the state.. Former president when war broke out in Ukraine (close to Russia) Igor Dodon, charged with corruption and sentenced to house arrest. Thus, the pro-Russians were neutralized..

Another issue is ethnicity.: Moldovans, comes from the same root as Romanians. 1800When the Russians took over the territory of today's Moldova in the early 's, Moldovans, developed differently from its Romanian cognates. A different Moldovan nation was built during the Soviet Union period.. Just east of the Dniester River, when the USSR was about to collapse, Moldova's tendency to unite with Romania strengthened. (Transdinyester'de) living Slavs, It declared independence from Moldova and drove Moldovan forces out of the region with support from the remnants of the Soviet army.. Here 30 for more than years 1500 There is a one-man Russian force and a separatist government they support.. This administration is stuck between Ukraine and Moldova.. Ukraine, forces in Transnistria., He says he staged a coup in Moldova.. Thus, the possibility of Ukraine and Moldova's intervention here came to the fore in the conditions when Russia's attack was blocked. (Moldova is not very keen on this). Russian nationalists are therefore against the Russian administration. 18 Calls not to extend wheat deal that expires in March.

Moldovan parliament also passed legislation changing the country's official language from Moldovan to Romanian. Giving up the Moldovan identity means digging another stone on the road to the future unification of Moldova with Romania and the formation of the Romanian nationalists' ideal of "Greater Romania".. As the war drags on, It will reshape the north of the Black Sea.


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