Can the EU intimidate Ukraine??

of the European Union (AB) One of the most important discussions of the full membership negotiations with Turkey that it started in 2005 was whether the EU could intimidate a country with a "large population and territory"..

During the period when I followed the EU enlargement process from Brussels, European officials frequently expressed the argument that "If Turkey becomes a member, then we must make Ukraine a member as well".. This, Western capitals of Turkey and Ukraine, It is seen as two buffer countries on the eastern borders of Europe., It was a reflection of the idea that they should be kept in the EU's orbit but could never become full members of the EU club..

The official relations between Ukraine and the EU, which gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and determined its strategic goal as "Return to Europe", started with the adoption of the EU-Ukraine Declaration in 1991.. Russia's 24 EU-Ukraine relations were in turmoil until the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022., back steps, limped forward with reconciliations. The Russian army approached the front of Kyiv. 28 in February, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has formally applied to join the EU.. Same year, 23 Ukraine was granted candidate status at the EU leaders' summit in June. He pledged his candidacy to Ukraine, which was fighting against Russia on its eastern borders., The EU, showing its clear financial and political support, is now discussing the long-term implications of this move for the union..
'Peace project' failed

Ukraine's membership has the potential to transform the EU not only militarily and economically, but also in terms of its founding philosophy.. AB, It was started as a peace project so that there would never be another war on the European continent.. on the continent, 2. In the biggest conflict since WWII, Ukraine is today seen as a country that defends NATO borders and Western values ​​against Russia and fights on behalf of Europe.. This, a sign that the peace project did not succeed in the first place.

If he wins this war, the EU will consider Ukraine politically., militarily and economically. Moreover, Europe, With a unit based on the Russian border, it plays a critical role in the military and strategic structuring of the Western wing in the next period.. To date, the EU has provided Ukraine with financial and humanitarian 38 billion Euros and militarily 12 billion euros in support. Europe, In total for Ukraine 54.9 has set aside a billion Euros. USA to Ukraine 44.3 a total of billions of which are military 73.1 billion euros committed to support. AB, Ukraine's biggest financial supporter after the USA.

Europeans believe that Ukraine's EU membership is very complex., aware that it will be difficult, even destructive in some senses.. But they think it is politically impossible to reject the membership of a Ukraine that is "waging Europe's war".. Possible full membership of Ukraine, Brings Turkey's EU membership discussions with it. Maybe the EU needs to change its digestive system to keep up with the unpredictable conjuncture in the region.


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