enough is enough!

Game-making in Asia, announced by US President Barack Obama in 2009 (Pivot Asia) China, which is officially the height target of the USA with its strategy, increasingly exposed to systematic attacks under Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
After this date, in the new national security strategies of the USA, together with Russia, "global enemy"’ called China, last 14 It has become the main front of all kinds of attacks originating from the USA, especially economic and technological wars..
China, which has always been on the defensive against this hostile policy of the USA, attacked for the first time.
Winning China, With a very rare analysis penned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he almost hits the ball with the US's global strategies.
‘US Hegemony and Its Perils’ The article titled was published on the website of China's English-language TV channel CGTN.
The article, which was widely shared in the Chinese state media, is described as the harshest ultimatum ever written against the United States..
History of the article 20 February 2023. Well 24 Just before the first anniversary of the Ukrainian war, which started in February 2022. Thus 22 The high-dose showdowns of Russian President Vladimir Putin in February and Biden two days later made a lot of noise in the world..
This article, which in a way challenges the United States, was published two days before Putin's speech.. With this timing, China has shown that it does not care much about both the allegations that it is preparing to provide military support to Russia in the Ukraine war and the threats from the United States..
In the article reacting to the interference in the domestic politics of many independent states with coups and color revolutions as well as military occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan., Ukraine from the Middle East and Latin America, Their dirty interventions in countries extending to Georgia and Kyrgyzstan are listed as crimes against humanity and war..
Article, He underlines that the civilizational values ​​of the USA, which uses the discourse of democracy and human rights as a means of occupation, also polarize countries and produce chaos..
These sentences in the article sum it all up: “Characterized by violence, the United States is a country that crushes its rivals with sanctions and economic pressure.. The US dollar is also the main source of instability and uncertainty in the world economy.…”
This article coincides with the escalating tension between the US and China with the bubble and Taiwan crises., Shows Beijing is running out of patience. China has always restrained itself in crises so far.. Engaged that problems can be overcome. That's why he kept the lines of communication open..
But with this article, China is no longer making diplomacy a 'waste of time'.’ declares that he sees. USA's belligerent, draw their swords against the hegemonic and nobran strategy.
According to the article, Beijing, Will not try to appease the US. Instead of peaceful ascension and harmony, it will now adopt a new world strategy..
Therefore, with this ultimatum, 'enough is enough'!’ said China, America's greatest instability in the world, kaos, It also officially declares that it is a source of inequality and conflict..
In this context, this historical article points to a new milestone in global politics in every respect.…


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