West has no strategy in arms support to Ukraine, says retired General Vad

Retired Brigadier General Erich Vad, who was a one-term adviser to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, A strategy of the West to supply Ukraine with weapons and “a defined goal” arguing that there is no, He said it was time to negotiate..

What, In a statement to the AA correspondent,, Stating that a turning point has been reached in the war between Ukraine and Russia, which has left one year behind,, Russia and Ukraine 1.000 He said he was facing a front line of over a kilometer and was militarily stuck..

What, pointing out that there were heavy artillery clashes, “This is actually a trench warfare like in the First World War, and to me it has turned into a war of attrition.” said.

Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “blockage” Noting that he said that he should get out of the situation, Vad, he spoke:

“the da (in the present case) only sees a possibility through negotiations. This is my opinion. Of course, principally (Ukraine'ya) I am not against the supply of weapons. These (weapons) Ukraine cannot stand without. But more needs to be done. Basically, it is necessary to look at how a ceasefire can be achieved through negotiations.. I believe the time has come.”

Eric What, On the question of how the West evaluates the supply of arms to Ukraine, Noting that it is important to provide weapons for Ukraine to be stable and to show itself in future negotiations., continued his words:

“But the West's biggest mistake, is that we never defined what the arms shipment was for. Some say it was done to retake Donbas and Crimea. Others say 'We want to beat Russia' with this and others say 'No, we just want to help Ukrainians survive’ says. Nowhere are these targets defined. this is a weak point for me. We don't have a proper political strategy. We do not have a logical political concept. Nowhere have we defined what we will achieve with the arms shipment.”
“Tanks won't be a game changer”

Vad stated that he thinks like German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on this issue., Germans to stand firm in Ukraine, He said he wanted him to fight successfully and to be in a good position in the negotiations to be held in the next period..

What, “This makes sense to me, but we need to start talking about political negotiations now.” said.

What, Stating that the main battle tanks to be sent to Ukraine will not be a “game changer”, “We made a political decision to procure main battle tanks, but it will take months for them to become operational. Maybe in summer or autumn. They also reach the east of Ukraine one by one.. After all, there is the most 70 will be the main battle tank. This cannot be a turning point in this war.. Because the Russians are actually far superior.” made his assessment.
“Chinese, Wants to be politically active in Europe”

Vad also evaluated China's proposal for the solution of the Ukraine crisis., noted that:

“I find it positive to have a suggestion.. Of course this is not without problems. Chinese, very close to Russia. Maybe they are not as impartial as one would like, but a few weeks ago the President of Brazil had suggestions, positive in this sense.. First of all, it should be examined. However, the United Nations (BM) I see. of here (of the UN) It is necessary to see if there is a better environment for future negotiations.. However, I find it positive that a power like China makes this proposal here, and China thus shows that it wants to be politically active and speak in Europe.. This is something new.”

What, Beware of China, however, stating that it is necessary to examine the proposal in a constructive way, He pointed out that China attended the Munich Security Conference with a delegation and held talks with the United States..
“Turkey plays a crucial role in this conflict”

Vad, who proposed the creation of a political strategic contact group for political negotiations over the contact group in Ramstein, where military aid to Ukraine was discussed., India, Brazil, He stated that influential countries in the G20 such as China or Turkey can be included in this group..

What, “Turkey ultimately plays a crucial role in this conflict.. Because President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin and they made an economic deal last year.. Still, Turkey is of course on the side of the West and is supplying weapons to Ukraine.”.

Vad stated that the talks between Russia and Ukraine, which were held in Turkey last year, can be resumed., “that would be a good idea. Then Turkey will play a very strong and important role.. Turkey, It has also become a power factor for the European Union.. I think the EU should also reposition itself towards Turkey.. To me, Europe's voice is muted in this whole war. where is europe?” he spoke.
“The role of Germany and France is not as strong as it used to be”

What, After Russia's annexation of Crimea, former Chancellor Angela Merkel and former French President Francois Hollande are in question. “trying to do their best” by stating, “Here finally failed, but they succeeded the Minsk Agreement. Many issues of this Minsk Agreement are also issues of today and tomorrow.” said.

On the question of what role Germany and France play today in the war between Russia and Ukraine, Vad, that this role is not as strong as it was at that time., that the German government 3 caused by the party, He explained that the Green Party and liberals were taking a very pro-Ukrainian stance..

Eski General What, considering how the war would affect German security and defense policy., when the war is over, Noting that the front line of NATO defense will be further east, “Finland and Sweden will become NATO members here. We will have a long front line with Russia. Germany will also have to contribute. During the Cold War, the border line between East and West ran through the middle of Germany.. Today this line runs further east, and as a result countries in the east of Europe, such as Poland, have gained much more importance.” he spoke.
“We cannot act from a European perspective without Turkey.”

Germany must maintain its position in Europe., Emphasizing that this is important, Vad, He pointed out that US President Joe Biden met in Warsaw in the format of the Bucharest Nine with representatives of countries in the east of Europe.

What, “Washington, London, You can see very clearly that the Warsaw and Kiev axis is currently the strongest axis. It's no longer Berlin and Paris. We have to look at how we act in this situation.. I believe that Turkey also plays an important role in the European composition.. We cannot act from a European perspective without Turkey.” said.

Reminding that Biden traveled from the US base Ramstein in Germany to Ukraine and Poland, Vad, Biden can easily drop by Berlin, but pointing out that he did not, “This is also a political message.” used the phrase.

What, NATO acting together, It is right to support Ukraine, however, he added that this should be done wisely and politically and should not be exaggerated..


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