Russia cut off oil supplies to Poland, Morawiecki is proud. “There is no greater liar”

“Platform, DO NOT LIE. You have supported Russia for years, you almost got us hooked 100 proc. from Putin's oil and gas. We changed it and today we are independent. Case? You're like a weak boxer, once again carried out of the ring after a heavy knockout. Just don't lie and don't lie. Act for the good of Poland. And for a free Ukraine” – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote. Telewizja Polska also writes about the lack of gas from Russia in a similar tone.
“Poland is now completely independent of energy resources from Russia. After abandoning Russian coal and gas, we also no longer import Russian oil. The government emphasizes, that thanks to Orlen's actions it is not felt by drivers” – such an entry appeared on However, both entries lacked very crucial information.
Firstly, the lack of imports of Russian oil results from the decisions taken by Moscow, not Warsaw. “Supplies via the Druzhba pipeline to Poland have been suspended by the Russian side” – Daniel Obajtek, President of PKN Orlen, informed about the agreement, which was to last until the end 2024 year.

In addition, according to Eurostat data, that despite Polish appeals to impose sanctions on Russia, to Poland in 2022 goods were imported from Russia 72 PLN billion, of which 39 mld 418 PLN million was spent on crude oil oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, a 3 PLN billion for natural gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons. However, you can find out from the data of the Central Statistical Office, that only september to december 2022 crude oil and its derivatives were imported to Poland from Russia 10 PLN billion.
Polish government in February 2022 announced the withdrawal from imports of raw materials from Russia, and in April, the Polish parliament worked on legislation on. ban on trade in Russian coal. Then the senators proposed, that the embargo would also cover Russian gas. However, this amendment was defeated in the Sejm by the votes of Law and Justice deputies. Later, Mateusz Morawiecki assured, that the import of LPG will be blocked anyway.
“There is no greater liar and hypocrite, than Morawiecki. A year ago, the West taught, including Brussels, to stop importing oil, and he has been doing it with Orlen until today. A man with absolutely no shame” – wrote Andrzej Halicki from PO. “Does it mean, that by buying Russian oil, Obajtek financed Putin's war over the past year? Morawiecki, you unsurpassed liar! More and more Ruthenian around the interests of PiS!” – Michał Szczerba added.
From the findings “Business Insidera” published 23 February follows, that only in January through Belarus to Poland traveled by rail 74,7 thousand. tons of liquid gas, and in February by the middle of the month it was almost 42 thousand. ton. interlocutors “BI” they handed over, it is Russian gas, which is mixed with Polish gas in such proportions, that it could be traded – This gas also goes to. do Ukraine, which was recently reported by the Ukrainian LPG Association.

– Since the outbreak of the war, LPG from Russia has been continuously entering Poland. We're talking about an average of approx 100 thousand. tons per month. Trade is booming, because it is controlled from Russia mainly by price and oversupply. In recent days 2022 r. Russian ratings suddenly began to fall while Western ratings rose. In a short time, Russian supplies became half the price of goods available in the West. Prices have dropped to approx 400-430 dol./t – Maciej Chyż, spokesman for Gaspol, informed. Gaspol is one of the main LPG distributors in Poland, which, immediately after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, completely cut itself off from Russian supplies.
About “Orlen's activities”, mentioned by, it is worth recalling the situation from the beginning 2023 year. At that time, wholesale fuel prices in PKN Orlen dropped sharply. Despite the increase in the VAT rate on motor fuels from 8 do 23 proc., petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged.

According to Urszula Cieślak, an analyst at the Reflex Brokerage House, wholesale fuel price reductions “it was action, which was to confirm the predictions, that after the New Year, drivers will not feel any increases at stations, even though the VAT rate will increase”. – It happened at the expense of this, we used to pay more, that nothing has changed now – Cieślak reported in an interview with In connection with Orlen's pricing policy, the notifications were sent to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, NIK and the prosecutor's office.
According to a survey conducted by United Surveys for, that 36,2 proc. surveyed “definitely” agrees with the opinion, that Orlen cheated Polish drivers and sold them in parts 2022 fuel at inflated prices. “Rather” agreed with this opinion 4,5 proc. surveyed. 25,1 proc. respondents felt “rather” cheated, a 7,6 proc. “definitely” did not feel cheated by Orlen.

“It was confirmed. PiS and Obajtek deceived Poles – when the state lowered VAT on fuel, that's the price per liter 95 Did the diesel fall off?. It's the same now 1.01.2023 at 23 percent. VAT is the same as fuel 31.12.2022 r. at an 8 percent rate. The difference was this, that to the state budget, which is under parliamentary scrutiny, no VAT revenue was received. This money stayed in Orlen's cash register – Why?! This is why, that Orlen's profits are not subject to parliamentary control. With these excess profits, they bought, among others,. Poland Press, they sponsored concerts on TVPiS and other party orders. This is one of the biggest scandals, it is tens of billions of zlotys. It was one big crib, which sponsors PiS election campaigns” – wrote MP Artur Łącki in January.


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