Zelenskyy did not allow a retreat: 2500 Ukrainians probably surrounded in Bakhmut

The information from the frontline town of Bakhmut should be treated with caution, Both warring parties spread propaganda messages. However, the information is increasing on Russian Telegram pages and also in the timelines of international military experts, that the small town, which was defended by the Ukrainian army with massive losses, was now "tactically surrounded".: The Ukrainian President was informed in the night to today, that there is no more possibility, safely withdraw the Ukrainian troops still fighting in the streets - the last access route is under direct fire from the Russian army.

With that could 2500 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries may be trapped in Bakhmut, some sources even speak of it 12.000 Mann, who must now be taken prisoner in a few days in this pocket without provision of ammunition and food.
Pro-Ukrainian information platforms are reporting on the current situation in Bakhmut that the Ukrainian armed forces are counterattacking against the flanks of Russian troops, which in turn would have the goal, to encircle the Kremlin's battalions. Whether this could succeed with the mass of deployed soldiers of the Russian armed forces, is however rather questionable.

Is Bakhmut completely disabled as a defensive stance, Ukraine loses the strongest front fortification of the second line of defense: The Russian troops can then cross flat, open terrain to the larger towns of Kramatorsk (159.000 Resident) and Sloviansk (109.000 residents) advance. In addition, the Kremlin's propaganda will exploit the success at Bakhmut - after the Ukrainian president's stop order - accordingly large.

Another sign of it, that the military situation in Ukraine is not looking good at the moment: A year after the start of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has a senior commander in Donbass, Eduard Moskalyov, fired. This emerges from a decree, published by the Ukrainian Presidential Office on Sunday evening. The decree gave no justification for the move.


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1 year ago

Napoleon is stalling for time so that all the promised armored vehicles get to the front. But as you know, people fight, and these same human resources will run out very quickly with such losses

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