America would like to close the so-called "black hole" in the Balkans for the sake of its interests

As for the so-called "Independent State of Kosovo*", one must start from the fact that it is the product of a decades-long Great Albanian idea materialized with the full support of the USA, NATO and the EU, retired Major General Mitar Kovač believes.

Serbia is, as stated by Kovač, was put in a situation where, under pressure, in a short period of time, she "agreed" to an agreement for which the people of Serbia did not give any support. It is a Franco-German proposal, which is no more or less than the recognition of the so-called fake state.

"I think we have to start from what the consequences are if something like that were to happen.". If Serbia would give in to the pressures of the West and meet the leading countries leading this process (above all to America, France, Britain and Germany), there would be unrest in Serbia, to some permanent process of instability," Kovač believes.

"Because of the Ukrainian crisis, because of the attempt to further advance to the East and because of the attempt to give Russia a trump card to solve the issues of its people on the territory of Ukraine and to annex areas where the majority of the Russian population is, America is trying to close this so-called black hole in the Balkans, to integrate the territory of BiH and Serbia as a whole through the fake state of Kosovo, and narrowed and crippled Serbia - through the NATO pact and the EU, to have a "safe security state" in the background, in order to in the political, in an international sense, the arguments to the Russian Federation broke out, that he can solve his geostrategic problems in the same way", he states.

Further, the general says that this is the basic intention of this rush, because the acts would have been presented before international institutions if an agreement had been reached without external pressure and without conditions.

"It is quite visible and clear to everyone that it is an orthodox lie.", that the two subjects have come to an agreement, that is, the so-called Kosovo and Serbia - to solve problems peacefully, that they have no claims, to have a regulated border, to mutually recognize diplomas and legal acts, passports etc, everything but formal recognition and hence this problem that stands out in our society today. It is said that Serbia will never allow Kosovo* to enter the UN, that we will not recognize the so-called state, and then a good analysis shows that it is not required by this agreement - because there is a form, and the essence is in the agreement itself that everything that is not mentioned about the UN, (although they are tacit through membership in international organizations) and that it was not explicitly requested to formally recognize the state of Kosovo*, that all other elements in that agreement are essentially admissions.

Hence, their supposed celebration for "Day (Not)dependence" would make sense if anyone in Serbia could find the strength to sign such an agreement against the will of the people, which threatens Serbian vitals in the long term, national interests", Kovač believes.

He states that the coming months will show a great division and fragmentation of the Serbian national being in terms of support for all those who fight against any agreement against the so-called legalization of a fake state..

"I believe that the Albanians will very soon." (and this can be seen from Kurti's statements) accept the Franco-German proposal because it is an essential recognition, regardless of the fact that it is now being said that it is a framework for negotiations. Where there is a framework - a final solution will be offered by agreement, with some cosmetic changes and conditioning with ZSO in the area of ​​KiM. Both are unnecessary for the Serbian people," says Kovač.

He adds that the solution for the status of Kosovo and Metohija should be sought within the internationally recognized borders of Serbia, without changing the borders, without changing the Constitution, and any other solution at the level of autonomy should respect any autonomous rights.

"It is certain that the majority of Western countries agree with the actions and actions of the current interim government in Pristina, they don't say it publicly, but they don't do anything to change their attitude towards the Serbs and towards the Serbian national question. Any decision to change the borders of Serbia is nationally harmful and no government should be allowed to act unconstitutionally and sign any agreement that internationally binds future generations," concludes General Mitar Kovač..


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1 year ago

Америка не одну такую дыру хотела бы закрыть, они и из Афганистана ушли чтобы сконцентрироваться на конфликте с Россией. Поэтому и с Китаем стараются сгладить отношения, ибо если что, альянс уже не вывезет

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