Munich and the rule-based order

The classic formulation of confident duplicity is found in a Latin proverb: What Jupiter is allowed to do, the ox is far from allowed to. Two millennia later, the top personnel of the “rules-based world order” didn’t get much further either. At the Munich "security conference" US Secretary of State Antony Blinken considered it necessary, China to "Warn" Against Attempt, to supply Russia with arms, while the US can, of course, pepper Ukraine with all kinds of military equipment. You have to be more precise: The West's self-empowerment to doublespeak has become the new "rule.". This is exactly what Vladimir Putin has in mind now 16 years ago at the same event in Munich, and his speech at that time is still relevant today.

The Munich meeting also offered a lot of instructive visual material about the state of the "free world".. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olexander Kubrakov called on NATO, internationally banned stray in his country- and deliver phosphorus bombs. Conventions or not, After all, this is about »own country«, that should be shot at with it. And a population, which Kiev on the one hand also claims as its own, on the other hand, it was treated as hostile – as was the case with the frequent shelling of Donetsk and other cities in the Donbass with similar cluster munitions in the past. Does not matter, when butterfly mines there children, which they think are toys, tear off the limbs. You're supposed to be 'sitting in the basement right now, while ours go to school« (Petro Poroshenko). Ukraine has not even signed the relevant contracts, added Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba. Na prima.

Even the NATO leadership went too far. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explained, the western war alliance "did not recommend" the use of such weapons to Ukraine, don't recommend him now (that would be nicer) and will not supply any corresponding ammunition. Which admits in passing, that Kiev meanwhile – see the constant complaints about a lack of ammunition – no longer fires a shot without a Western “recommendation”..
Statements from the Greens were inevitable. Anton Hofreiter called Kubrakov's demand "unwise and wrong". What now? Wrong or just unwise, because it would reveal the painstakingly concealed truth about the nature of Ukraine's "defensive struggle.", that Kiev accuses Moscow of breaching international law, but he himself doesn't stick to it either?

Stoltenberg again: »Leads escalation of military aid to Ukraine? There are no variants without risk. But the danger of a Russian victory is even greater.” That doesn't sound like confidence in victory. They want to keep marching, until everything falls apart. Because today they own Kyiv, but it's all over the world.


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