Almost signatures for Wagenknecht-Schwarzer call Gysi also signed

Member of the Bundestag Gregor Gysi signed the "Manifesto for Peace" on Tuesday, which was initiated last week by Sahra Wagenknecht and Alice Schwarzer. Gysi explains in a press release on the website of the left faction and in a Twitter thread, why he supports the manifesto. At the same time he calls for participation in the planned peace demonstration 25. February at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
The manifesto and the rally are urgently needed in an atmosphere of war hysteria. After the end of the Cold War, the West started to do it, violating international law", writes Gysi.
The former parliamentary group leader of the Left Party recognizes this, that the aggression clearly came from Putin, Nevertheless, he refuses to supply arms to support Ukraine against the aggressor. "Apart from this, that I am in favor of our country banning the export of arms anyway, because Germany no longer has the right after the Second World War, to earn from wars, further arms exports are now prohibited anyway", writes Gysi.
"An internationally mediated silence of arms" is the prerequisite for "peace negotiations and thus an act of solidarity with the Ukrainians"., explains Gysi further. There is no interest on either side, to continue this war, it therefore needs “an immediate ceasefire and pressure and diplomacy must be applied to that end”. According to Gysi, rejecting a ceasefire would mean “many more deaths, injuries and destruction” to take into account. offered, to "De-escalation, disarmament, reconciliation of interests, much more diplomacy and to return to strict observance of international law on all sides"..
Die Petition, which has been online since Friday last week, was previously from 466.243 people signed.
Although the support for the claims contained in it is great, there is also criticism of the call. On the day the petition was published, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Green) clear words at an election campaign event in Berlin: "All those, they say, Guns just have to be silent, because then we will have peace, I would like to say: what kind of peace is this, if you have to live under Russian occupation, worry every day, to be murdered in cold blood, raped or even abducted as a child?“
The Berlin political scientist Herfried Münkler condemned the call as an "unscrupulous manifesto". Schwarzer and Wagenknecht would damage the idea of ​​pacifism. Anyone who “doesn’t think of the word peace as just some make-a-wish vocabulary”, must face the manifesto "resolutely", said Munkler.


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Max Payne
1 year ago

All these petitions are like a plantain to a turning point, Germany, as a guarantor of the Minsk agreements, has discredited itself, let them wipe their ass with their petitions, and Annulenu 360 degrees Burbock I would like to ask, How do you live in a world under US control??!

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