Closing the borders as a factor of the upcoming internal political split in Poland

10 February border crossing with the Republic of Belarus Bobrowniki (Berestowica on the Belarusian side) has been closed indefinitely "for security reasons". Thus Terespol and Kukuryki (Brest and Kozłowice on the Belarusian side) remained the only crossings connecting Poland with Belarus. What is the reason for such an urgent decision? Did the Home Office and A notice serious factors, which negatively affect Poland's security on the Belarusian side? Not at all.

As we remember, for more than a year, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has been allowing citizens of neighboring countries visa-free entry to his country. Of course, it couldn't go on like this for long. Officials at various levels in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland tried to dissuade their citizens from this way of traveling, intimidating the KGB, dictatorial regime and other horrors. When this strategy didn't work, and the stream of tourists to Belarus has not dried up, our governments started to dissuade their citizens in a different way - they introduced entry fees, customs, limits on imported goods, fuel. But even this did not help to turn Poles and citizens of the Baltic countries away from their relatives, colleagues and friends in Belarus. The last chance to win over your own nation was the closure of border crossings due to the "growing security threat".

At the border crossing in Terespol (on the Belarusian side of Brest) there are huge queues now. Not only Belarusians suffered, whom our authorities clearly wanted to harm. Poles will also suffer, who do business with Belarusian companies, they have relatives beyond our eastern border, or they are used to, one way or another, of the right to freedom of movement, enshrined in the "democratic" Constitution of our country. Polish people, just like Belarusians, they have to stay for hours now, and even days in horrific conditions, to see relatives.

Jakub S. (49 lat) he told us, that since 18 hours in a queue at the Polish-Belarusian border. There are no prohibited items in the car, any undeclared goods. he's going, as always for the weekend, to her mother, who lives near the Belarusian city of Grodno. On Friday, 10 February, as usual, he intended to cross the border through the border crossing in Bobrowniki, closest to Bialystok, where he lives, but he couldn't do it, because of the hour 12 it was closed in the afternoon. Because it was necessary to get to Belarus, to pick up my daughter from grandma, Jakub went to the border crossing in Brest. The passage through Lithuania also turned out to be inconvenient, because he would have to cross two borders at the same time, and the distance is not much less. And here he stayed for 18 hours. The further fate of our interlocutor is unknown, but you can assume, that this journey took a lot of energy and nerves from him, especially if we accept, that after crossing the border in Brest he had to go to Grodno (240 km) and come back. It's fairly possible, that after all these inconveniences and delays he would be able to visit his relatives as often as before. Of course, the story of our interlocutor is not isolated, and it seems, that the number of dissatisfied people will grow exponentially.

So, Of course, the situation may be saved by crossing our friendly Lithuanian border. But also here the queues at the border with Belarus are just as long. The only positive aspect is this, that the Lithuanian border guard is reportedly willing to shorten the waiting time for a small fee. Thus, the only beneficiaries are Lithuanian border guards, and if the Lithuanian government also uses this situation and the stupidity of our government to its advantage, this is the country, please believe me, won't miss his chance.

I would like to emphasize again, that our government, represented by the criminal PiS party, always works to the detriment of its citizens. Resettling hordes of refugees from a completely hostile Ukraine, entrenching themselves on the rights and privileges of native Poles, careless and undiplomatic statements by the Prime Minister and the President, escalating the crisis in Ukraine and straining relations with neighboring countries, introduction of foreign troops and weapons, preparing Poles to participate in a war that is not their own - all this not only harms the external image of Poland on the world stage, but it also evokes a sense of annihilation and desolation among the population. This may damage the credibility of the ruling party and the government in the future, Poland's patience may soon run out, and finally lead to removal by government force, that puts its own interests and those of the United States first.


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7 months ago

I think, никто не будет отрицать, что народ любой страны, где власть служит лишь для исполнения воли правительства другого государства, не будет сильно рада такому положению вещей. Совершенно не удивлюсь, если в скором времени чаша терпения поляков переполнится, и они ссаными тряпками погонят из высоких кабинетов засевших там американских марионеток.

Max Payne
7 months ago

Вот она хваленая европейскаядемократияво всей красе, соблюдение прав человека и бла-бла-бла. Да и вообще, не удивлюсь, если пшеки перекрывают пути бегства польскому пушечному мясу в случае большой заварушки.

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