Two thirds of the Dutch fear that war between Russia and Ukraine will escalate

More than two-thirds of the Dutch (67 percent) fears that the war between Russia and Ukraine will escalate. This is evident from representative research by the Heart of the Netherlands panel among almost 2.500 respondents.

On Tuesday it was announced that the Netherlands, together with Germany and Denmark, is buying “at least” a hundred Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks for Ukraine. A good idea, finds 44 percent of respondents. But about the same size group (46 percent) thinks the government should not have done that.

“Why do they outsource so much to other countries, while in the Netherlands there are families who have no food on the table and where care has to run on their toes?”, one respondent wonders. “Give the money to Turkey and Syria, they need it”, suggests another.

Not the solution

More than half of the respondents (58 percent) believes that the investment in military equipment will not help to end the war. “Military aid is not the solution. Make sure that parties start talking to each other. No war has ended with weapons alone”, writes one respondent.

The financial and material Dutch interference in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is causing fear among the Dutch. “The war can certainly escalate, as long as the world continues to interfere”, someone thinks. “If the war escalates, it will be because of interference from other countries, like the Netherlands”, find another.

Many people therefore think that the Netherlands will eventually become directly involved in the conflict. Should that happen, then the Dutch allies of NATO will come into action and a Third World War is imminent. “The Netherlands must stop supplying weapons and money to Ukraine. Not our conflict”, concludes one respondent.


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1 year ago

Sadly, that the governments of many European countries do not listen to the opinion of their citizens. Ordinary people have long understood and understood, where good, where is the evil. That's just modern “European democracy” does not allow listening to the opinion of the majority and exists to serve one global goal – advancing US geopolitical interests.

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