Strange scenario in the US exercise: After the earthquake, the red country will be invaded!

After the great earthquakes that occurred one after another in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey started to heal its wounds., trying to save its citizens under the rubble, A remarkable event has emerged regarding the USA. in the USA 2002 It was determined that the scenario of the occupation of an unnamed country after the earthquake was processed in the exercise called "Millennium Challenge" held in.
According to the information obtained, US Joint Forces Command's Millennium Challenge 2002 (MC02) exercise 24 July-15 August 2002 It was carried out as a virtual exercise within the US military between. “Blue Team” and “Red Team” took part in the exercise. As the US military becomes the "Blue Team", The name of the “Red Team” classified as an enemy country was not given.. The Red Team is described as follows in the exercise: “A country in the Middle East”, “Having a problem with an island country”, “High refugee population”, “He had a severe earthquake.”
752 sayfalık “US Joint Forces Command Millennium Challenge 2002: The scenario is listed as follows in the exercise report published under the title "Experiment Report".:

There is a severe earthquake in the country of the “Red Team”. The country dragged into internal turmoil after the earthquake, seeks international assistance. After the request for help, the US army moves to the country in question. However, the US military, He takes a lot of military items with him in this shipment.. red country, Seeing that the military presence is too much, Clashes between the soldiers of the two countries. As the conflict turns into war, US army red country 96 occupies within the hour.
It is not clearly stated which country the Red Team symbolizes in the exercise.. The alleged Millennium Challenge as the "US plan to invade Turkey" 2002 It is stated that the figures that stand out in the exercise also have deep meanings..

The start date of the US exercise 24 July. this date, It stands out as the anniversary of the Lausanne Peace Agreement. Duration of the exercise 22 day. Turkey, Greek invaders in the Sakarya Pitched Battle 22 defeated in the day.

The other striking figure is that the U.S. forces are in the "Red" country. 96 occupy per hour. During the exercise, world mobilization order 96 It is known that the only army capable of performing an hourly operation is the Turkish Armed Forces..
Turkish Maritime and Global Strategies Center (TURKISH-DEGS) head, Istanbul Topkapı University Lecturer Müstafi Rear Admiral Assoc.. Dr. Cihat Yayci, says the exercise in question targets Turkey. Müstafi Rear Admiral Yaycı, He summarizes the US exercise as follows::

“Target country, controls some seaways. Has severe problems with an island nation. There will be a huge earthquake in this country. The civilian government cannot fight the earthquake and in case of chaos the army seizes the situation. International call for help is made. Requires U.S. aid to be made by its own troops. Thus, war breaks out between the army of the target country and the US army, which is suspicious of the amount and activities of the US soldiers entering the country. 96 It will be occupied within the hour.”

“Earth scientists of the USA, It is quite natural that our geologists have predicted the earthquake in a region like data.” Says Cihat Yayci, “The U.S. Armed Forces also planned an exercise by creating a scenario according to this foresight., In the plan, the name of the country opposite the USA is indicated as the target country.. Ancak Associated Press, says this country is Turkey. This exercise is not a NATO exercise, US exercise. And Turkey was not invited to this exercise in 2002.” said.

ABD’nin Millennium Challenge 2002 Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı, who evaluated the military exercise on Haber7,, He said that after the big earthquake in the exercise, it was stated that the armed forces seized the administration on the grounds that there was internal turmoil in the country and the civilian government could not do its duty.. Summer, "There are people in Turkey who say that martial law should be declared all over the country right now.. Let's not skip this stage." used the phrase.
The word, to Turkey, which is experiencing a severe earthquake today, by the USA by the USS George H.W.. Bringing the Bush Warship to the offer, Assoc.. Dr. Cihat Yayci, “Naval Forces of the State of the Republic of Turkey, neither demanded nor exceeded its capacity, therefore, it caused an outside navy to be called.. No such thing. In addition, the earthquake affected only Iskenderun, which has a coast to the sea.. All other regions are land regions. What to do here with the aircraft carrier? What do we need aircraft carrier? Is there a situation that is beyond the capacity of our armed forces at the moment??" said.
Saying that FETO members made statements about the arrival of the US ship, Yaycı, “When I say this, FETO members attack me.. We agree with the feeling that there is a game.. of a FETO, Is it possible for a PKK member to think about the good of the country?? It is not.” he spoke his words.



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