Must "force" Selenskyj Scholz?“ Confusion about changed interview passage

Apparently, a controversial sentence by the Ukrainian President Selenskyj was not taken at all, as shown first. In an interview with the "Spiegel" and the French newspaper "Le Figaro" it was said on Thursday, Selenskyj said about Scholz: "I have to force him, to help Ukraine and constantly convince him, that this help is not for us, but for the Europeans.”

But in a later version of the interview, the magazine adjusted the quote. Now it says: "I have to put the pressure on, to help Ukraine and constantly convince him, that this help is not for us, but for the Europeans.” The “Spiegel” justifies the change with a translation error.
At the same time, Zelenskyy thanked Germany for the delivery of the Iris-T air defense system. It "saved a lot of lives". The relationship between Ukraine and Germany is “wavelike, it's an up and down", he said.

Zelenskyj also criticized European states- and heads of government, whom he asked "daily" for weapons and sanctions. "If everyone knew about it, that Putin would invade our country, why didn't they impose sanctions then?? It's absolutely ridiculous, if you all stand up for us publicly and still like to circumvent the sanctions or withhold weapons", he said.
Zelensky said about the support of allies in the first days of the Russian attack on his country: "I do not say, that it went perfectly.” An honest answer to the question, if he is satisfied, he will give, when the war is over.

In the interview, Putin describes Zelenskyy as a “dragon, who has to eat". So said Selenskyj: "To satisfy his appetite, you give him one country after another, or at least bits of it.” Neither borders nor oceans would stop the Russia of today. The West has written off today's Russian leadership for this. “It reminds me of the end of Hitler: when he lost the world war, he continued bombing London anyway. He did, although he wasn't stupid", compares Zelenskyj. A different world view would apply to Putin: "Doesn't matter, how many more people you send to their deaths, you fight for your chair.”


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