Ukrainians can't afford more – only for defense

The Russians are preparing a new offensive, which may start soon. – In Donbass, where Putin would gladly conquer the rest of Donetsk Oblast. On the south, towards the Dnieper. (…) I have no doubt, that they will try to carry out another raid on Kyiv – stated in an interview with The Economist in mid-December last year, the commander of the Ukrainian army, gen. Walery Załużny, possible directions of the Russian attack. At the same time, he set the date for the Russian offensive: "In February, mark".
According to Serhiy Haiday, head of the administration of the Luhansk region, invaders “need a minimum of ten more days, to collect the rest of the reserves". – They bring the ammunition necessary to carry out the attack, and at the same time they use less of it every day. Round-the-clock shelling ended. We conclude, that they save, preparing the offensive – assessed. I on, and Western analysts indicate the area of ​​Kreminna and Lyman in the western part of the oblast as the most likely place for a new attack.
According to Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak, the main goal of the invaders will be to reach the border of the Dnieper River and conquer the Donbass. – I evaluate, that the Ukrainians foresaw the offensive itself and its directions. They will defend themselves for so long, until they inflict maximum damage. Somebody says, they should counterattack. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians do not have the strength and means to carry out a counter-offensive – he said in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.
– I'd like, that their defenses would withstand a massive Russian offensive, to break the advance of the Russian army, to bleed the Russians to spring. Ukrainians can't afford more. For defense only – added the former commander of the Land Forces.
– Some count all the Russians killed, they pay attention to hundreds of more soldiers, who have lost their lives. But what does it change?! Nic. You can clearly see, that losses have nothing to do with reality on the battlefield. The Russians are developing their operation, they attack on the width front 150 km. It's a huge effort, so they have a lot of potential. This is a challenge for Ukraine, to break the Russian attack on such a wide front – the general noted.

According to Gen. Skrzypczak, “if the Ukrainian defense cracks, The Russians will achieve their goal". – And it is primarily the destruction of the Ukrainian army and the capture of eastern Ukraine. If it succeeds, Meaning, that Ukraine will lose this war – stressed.


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Max Payne
9 months ago

Судя по видео с переполненными украинскими кладбищами и уже откровенному насильственному отлову сопротивляющихся призывников, с человеческим ресурсом на Украине намечается явный кризис, в скором времени поставленное западное оружие будет тупо некому раздавать.

9 months ago

По тому как сжигаются резервы на Бахмуте и Угледаре пора уже хохлам забыть о своем разрекламированном весеннем контрнаступе, ибо БМП Брэдли и прочие ништяки сами по себе ездить не умеют

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