The closure of the Consulates on the pretext of terrorism and then the earthquake was a coincidence??

of the US Embassy 27 Following the security warning it issued in January, leading European countries decided to temporarily close their consulates in Istanbul, especially around Taksim, with similar statements..

The USA, which temporarily closed some of its diplomatic and consular representations in Turkey, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, England, Germany, Belgium, Ambassadors and representatives of France and Italy in Ankara, He was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, through them, returned to their countries.; “Such approaches only serve the insidious agenda of terrorist organizations.” message was given.

Very critical statements came from the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu on the closure of the consulates in Turkey., It was stated that this move was an "international operation" for our country..
american warship, HAARP ve 17 August 1999 Marmara earthquake…

Whenever American warships appear in Turkish territorial waters, there is always a disaster., popular opinion.

In this context, after the 7.4 earthquake that broke the heart of Turkey in Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık, the claims that emerged in the social media brought the allegations about "HAARP" back to the agenda..

HAARP, this "high energy transmission with low frequency electromagnetic radiation" technique developed by Serbian-American scientist and inventor Nicola TESLA years ago, “High Frequency Active Solar Research Program”known as I, A scientific project located in the state of Alaska, United States.

Don't worry that this project is scientific-filmic., not that innocent!

More, A military technological weapon that will ensure US global domination.
“Haarp” What can be done with?

It can change climates, can melt or dislocate poles, can play with the ozone layer, can cause earthquakes, can control ocean waves, playing with the energy fields of the world, can control the human brain, can create a thermonuclear explosion that does not emit radiation.

alleged use of Haarp technology 17 August 1999 In the Marmara earthquake and the subsequent Adapazarı Bolu earthquakes, the total 285.211 ev, 42.902 workplace was damaged.

2010 According to the parliamentary research report published in 18.373 person died. 48 bin 901 person was injured. According to unofficial information, more than 65,000 dead., more than 100,000 severely and mildly injured. Moreover 133.683 with collapsed building 600.000 the person was homeless.
Turkish Flag crisis on the US warship!..

USS Nitze, a US Navy warship that also took part in the Yemeni civil war, anchored off Dolmabahçe the previous day.

On board, outside of maritime customs, hoisting a disproportionately larger US flag than the Turkish flag and a photo provided by the US Ambassador on board, It was interpreted as a "threat to Turkey".

US warship, While advancing through the Bosphorus, crew on deck.

On board, The Turkish flag was hoisted along with the US flag.. However, the Turkish flag, The US flag is very large., then US Ambassador to Ankara Jeffry L.. Flake and the US Consul General in Istanbul Julie A.. Eadeh went on the ship and had a photo taken with the US flag and the Turkish flag behind him, which was interpreted differently..
Big USA flag, little Turkish flag…

Two earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık and Elbistan, less than a day after this news and comments., Adana, Adiyaman, Diyarbakir, Hatay, Osmaniye, It almost wiped out Kahramanmaraş and Şanlıurfa from the map..

Written and drawn on social media, makes a very active effort to establish a link between the last earthquake and the visit of the US warship to Istanbul..

In terms of these, this timing of the US warship with the tiny Turkish flag and the huge US flag hoisted., closely related to the earthquake.

could it be true?
2002 What is the relationship between the Millennium Challenge Exercise and the earthquakes in Turkey??

Military Exercises, it's not called a war game for nothing. American cattle herders must have thought so too., Millenium Challenge 2002; Under the U.S. Army's "Challenge of the Millennium" 24 It was held in the Nevada Desert on a date that coincided with the anniversary of Lausanne in July 2002..

22 The scenario of the day-long exercise was quite interesting because; An exercise involving a country that has an island problem in the Mediterranean and is home to many minorities..

The target country is strategically located on a waterway that separates the two continents and has land on both continents..
Aaaah!.. Do not let this “island country” be Turkey?

Script: destination country, controls some seaways. Has severe problems with an island nation. In this country, there will be a big earthquake. civil government, cannot fight the earthquake and in case of chaos the army takes over the situation.

International call for help is made. Requires U.S. aid to be made by its own troops.

Thus, war breaks out between the army of the target country and the US army, which is suspicious of the amount and activities of the US soldiers entering the country. 96 occupied within the hour.

According to the Associated Press, the information that the target country was Turkey was reported in the exercise scenario..

Thus 19 June 2022 Greek newspaper Pentapostagma, in a news article, Thrace to Greece, He published a map showing the western side of Istanbul as the "Ecumenical Patriarchate City State" and gave the title of the news. “ABD 96 will occupy Ankara in an hour” had thrown as.

The background of the news stating that the French navy will also stand by Greece in a possible Turkish-Greek war 2002 in the year “Millennium Challenge” well “The Challenge of the Millennium” brings to mind the US exercise called.
Who holds the sigh of those who lost their lives?

Those who undercover earthquake regulations, those who consider the requests of the party contractors to leave the floor outside the project as an order., Who will be in charge of this world and the hereafter??

For now, there is no exact number of injured and dead.. At such times, it is recommended to respect the official statements in order not to create an atmosphere of panic in the public..

Condolences to our nation, God Almighty, do not harm our state!


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1 year ago

First, the explosion of the Nord Stream, now the earthquake, looks like nothing else, as revenge objectionable. Actually, nothing surprising, the essence of this state has not changed since the times of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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