We can choose our friends, not neighbors - the parliament was talking about war

In the extraordinary plenary session of the Parliament on Monday, Finland's participation in the EUMAM Ukraine military aid operation supporting Ukraine was discussed. Foreign Minister Pekka Haaviston (green) according to Finland's national participation costs are in 2023 about 12,4 million euros and year 2024 about 10,4 million euros.

The speakers of the parliamentary groups unanimously supported the matter.

- We have already participated in training Ukrainian volunteers in Great Britain. Now we confirm the continuation of this work EU:through its own military aid operation, whose goal is total 15 000 training a Ukrainian soldier, SDP:n Mika Kari said.

- In Finland, military training is of the best quality in the world, and Finns' educational skills have been copied from far away for a long time, for example from the United States, PS:n Jari Ronkainen stated.

- We can choose our friends, we don't have neighbors. Over 1 300 kilometers of the eastern border with such a neighbor: it must be considered in everything. Let's give as much support as our own defense can handle, but let's prepare for it, that the next target for the conqueror (Vladimir) Putin can have the Baltic countries and Finland too. Let's give weapons, we give our expertise, training is given. Russia will not be allowed to win, Timo Heinonen of the coalition said.
The task of our soldiers is especially to train Ukrainian trainers, so that they can continue to train their own soldiers in their native Ukraine. The purpose is also to give medicine- and weapons systems training. In addition, Finland hands over personal and group-specific material and weaponry to the trainees, Anu Vehviläinen of the center said.

- It is absolutely important for Finland's security to ensure Ukraine's military success against the attacking Russian forces. Supporting Ukraine is also morally correct, Atte Harjanne of the Greens stated.

- By supporting Ukraine, we help the country defend its civilians in the situation, where human lives don't seem to matter much to the Russian leadership, Jussi Saramo of the leftist union said.

– Se, that Finland now, in connection with the EU project, offers Ukrainian soldiers training organized in Poland, is actually a natural extension of our help. Medical training for Ukrainian troops is necessary and can also save lives, RKP:n Eva Biaudet continued.


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