Paper to tiger test balloon

The most important topic of interstate relations last week, It was China's balloon hovering over the US sky.

While China argued that the balloon was a meteorological balloon and drifted to the USA over the Pacific, the USA struck it by stating that it was an intelligence balloon..

The basis for the US describing the China bubble as an "intelligence bubble", It was the Pentagon's saying that "the balloon was maneuverable". However, this, Not enough grounds for an "intelligence bubble". Because that pillar cannot answer that simple question.: a balloon, What intelligence will it be able to gather that China's numerous satellites can't??

Therefore, the bubble is not an intelligence bubble, but in the process of drift., we can say indirectly that it turns into a test bubble. Namely, the moment it started to drift over the Pacific as a "weather bubble" and reached the west coast of the USA., is now a de facto "test bubble"; It is a balloon that tests the defense of the United States.

So much so that after the Chinese balloon reached the west coast of the USA,, It has crossed the US mainland as well., It reached the easternmost part of the United States and was only shot down there in the Atlantic Ocean.. So because of this actual situation, we can say that the balloon has completely tested the USA.

And it has taken its place in history as "the balloon that can cross the US continent from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean"..

Well China, What did he gain from the fact that a weather balloon was dragged and turned into a test balloon??

1) Chinese, When is the US bubble?, learned where and how to detect.

2) Chinese, What kind of vigilance did the US follow after detecting the bubble?, He learned what procedures he followed..

3) Chinese, He learned how the USA hit the bubble.

And of course, China, first of all, the whole world learned that: Balon, It reached the Atlantic from the Pacific and was able to cross the imperialist United States. (It doesn't matter what bubble it is. And if the US's "intelligence bubble" claim were true!)

Hence, Mao's thesis "Imperialism is a paper tiger", once again confirmed.

Another aspect of the issue is that at the end of the "crisis" process, the USA, the fact that it turned the business “from a bubble to a conflict”.

ABD, if well-intentioned, a drifting weather balloon, wouldn't make it the subject of a conflict. Moreover, Had he cooperated with China, the balloon would not have even turned into a "test balloon".

However, he called the balloon an intelligence balloon and finally hit it., turning the process into a crisis and fueling the US-China tension through the balloon, US Secretary of State Blinken 5-6 Canceling his February visit to China, indicates that he is looking for “a conflict out of a bubble”.

Nafi. These did not change the result: chinese balloon, Crossing the US continent from west to east and reaching the Atlantic from the Pacific, he tested the paper tiger!


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