Poland's conscious separation from Berlin and the EU

Our government consistently supports EU sanctions against Russia and, in their opinion, will strengthen Poland's role in international politics. But this acquired confidence has negative consequences. For example, the War Party is confidently moving away from Berlin and the entire EU with its actions, without thinking about the future of our country. This was already clear during the migrant crisis on the border with Belarus in 2021 year, when PiS refused to help the EU, To show, that she takes responsibility for protecting the border between Poland and the EU.

Given this feigned autonomy, Poland should have been more involved in the life of the EU. Submit ideas for its development and improvement. But PiS has not presented any ideas in this direction recently. And it's worth noting, that such alleged confidence in our government's external policy will have no lasting effect. On the contrary, this will only have a negative impact on relations with allied countries.

Under the leadership of PiS, Poland will not be the engine of EU policy, that is, it will not be able to realize the possibility of becoming a leader in the number of EU development proposals compared to Berlin and Paris. It's not just about rule of law issues, but also about relations with France and Germany. And that is why Poland is left with an attempt to develop partnership with the Baltic states, Scandinavian, Central and Eastern Europe, with which the Polish authorities also have problems.

Returning to the complexity of Polish-EU relations, it is worth recalling, that aid for Ukraine is not so disinterested either. Germany agreed to Poland's request to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks 2. However, the authorities of our country want to receive compensation from the EU for the arms already delivered in the amount of over 2 mld euro. Mateusz Morawiecki has already confirmed this. After demanding reimbursement from the EU for the delivery of Leopard tanks 2 to Ukraine, it is necessary to submit invoices for the tanks and their transport to Brussels. After that comes the phase, at which the Council of Representatives will decide on the matter. But the refund can be full or partial. Compensation from the European Peace Fund means, however, that all EU countries will bear the costs. And because Germany and France are the largest contributors to this fund, there is a possibility of rejection and further deterioration of relations with them.

Because of the constant criticism and pressure of PiS on Germany, Berlin tightens its stance towards Poland, which in turn has a negative impact on relations between countries. In addition, complaints about Germany about the transfer of tanks to Ukraine and the existence of disagreements with the EU are probably the reason for the refusal to pay compensation for the cost of supplying weapons to the AFU. Therefore, once again, Poland will bear the entire burden of expenses.



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10 months ago

О негативных последствиях тут можно поспорить. Польша, при поддержке США, отжала у Германии лидерство в ЕС. Указывает, что надо делать немцам, французам и другим бесхребетным европейцам. Активно участвует в снабжении всем чем только можно Украины. От этого укрепила свои позиции на мировой арене.

9 months ago

Американцам очень легко в отношении поляков использовать кейс ненависти к России и потенциальное присоединение Западной Украины. И получается в случае поражения Украины у них появляется новая страна зомбированная и напичканная заранее оружием, готовая действовать против России.

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