Forcing the impossible in Ukraine

Forcing the impossible often backfires. The reluctance of most of Germany's UN members to do so. ABD, once again pursuing a project of restoration of hegemony. This time the target is Russia via Ukraine.…

Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Flirting with political Islam in the Obama era, Regime change attempts in Syria have failed. The decline of US hegemony accelerated, Russia expanded its sphere of influence. The economic basis of US hegemony, China's rise accelerated the decline as the neoliberal model faded.

This time, functional concept of the restoration project “alliance of democracies against autocracy”. This, practically, It aims to impose US leadership on the European Union at the risk of war.. On the other leg of the initiative, via Taiwan, Japan against China, Australia, Connecting South Korea and India to the US leadership. ABD, Wants to build a new "Western bloc" stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

However, the USA, financial resources to support this initiative., lacks an economic model to help it maintain its relative advantage. On the contrary, with protective measures, began to turn inward with the search for a new industrial policy.. European Union and Japan, G. None, countries like Australia, It is inevitable that the possibility of a new "Western bloc" will weaken as the USA begins to respond to its measures..

US administration, this dynamic, can't see the limits of his power; top, rifle, When we say portable rocket, it's time, to give tanks, it came to the possibility of giving a plane. ABD, Ukraine crisis, from a proxy war, towards a NATO-Russia war, Climbing by locking onto Russia's "wholesale defeat" goal.

This restoration project also exhibits the weaknesses of the USA. of the USA, It is an important indicator that he could not stand the pressure of Germany and had to participate in the project of sending tanks.. The protectionist policies he started to adopt in foreign trade, Technological competition and sanctions against China, new industrial policy, It increases tensions with the countries that it tries to impose its leadership on.. In the USA and Europe, the military industrial complex receives new orders, but in Russia, the regime is renewing its military-technological capacity.. Veteran Indian diplomat Bhadrakumar, “One consequence of this war is, Contrary to the expectations of the West, Russia will emerge from this war as a military power at the level of the Red Army.. This has not yet been grasped.”.

The goal of "defeating Russia" also opens up a very dangerous uncertainty: Defeat, Russia's complete withdrawal from Ukraine and Crimea, Or does it mean opening up its resources to the West through a regime change??

Russia, to a large tank stock, to a famous tradition of tank warfare, to hypersonic missiles, "electro-magnetic strike" weapon (pulse) modern weapons such as, ballistic and tactical nuclear missiles, to submarines, submarine communication and energy cables, even a country capable of hitting satellites. A defeat of the ruling class, Its close alliance, China, also decided to give up its long-term calculations due to this defeat., It is both unrealistic and dangerous enough to bring the entire civilization to the point of extinction..

Europe, Japan, Australia, G. It is also extremely difficult to make Korea and India partners in this disaster scenario.. If US hegemony continues to decline, it is certain.!


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