Tanks will not stop the blood and tears in Ukraine

Social Democratic Party in Germany (SPD), From the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) coalition government formed, on war and militarism, conservative Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) it's literally a blessing. By increasing military spending to a record high last year, using the Ukraine war as an excuse. 100 These parties, which set up a billion-euro "special fund", The Leopard, produced by the German arms monopoly Krausse-Maffei-Wegmann in the war zone, broke another taboo on Wednesday. 2 they decided to send their tanks. For now 14 number expressed as, will of course be increased depending on the course of the war.. In addition, other countries were given permission to send their Leopard 2s to Ukraine..

SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is the spokesperson for the militarization of Germany's foreign policy today and Deputy Economy Minister Robert Habeck, Member of the Greens., who refused to pick up a gun years ago, performing military duties as civilians, were two young people who took to the streets for peace. Scholz, aged care home, Habeck, on the other hand, worked in the care of disabled children.. It's not just these two, most of the other male cabinet ministers did not actually fulfill their military duties.. The new Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, knows the army from the inside.. Because he is one of the few ministers who actually served in the military..

The main reason why Scholz and Habeck is the number one pro-war today is of course capital in the worlds of thought and belief., due to a change in service to arms monopolies. Increasing the market and competitiveness of German capital, They are doing their best to make the gun monopolies more profitable.. They are cherished for acting in harmony with the interests of the class they serve..

When we look at what has happened in the last two weeks, Germany is tied to the US line., it seems that the war and gun lobby has become as powerful and reckless as possible.. These groups dictate what they want to the government., taking the country step by step to the brink of war with Russia. Aware of this possibility, some politicians within the SPD are already warning "not to engage in direct conflict with Russia".. Scholz, in his speech at the parliamentary rostrum,, these concerns “Germany and NATO will not be parties to the war., Germany will not act alone and the strength of the German army will not decrease. (Southgerman newspaper, 25.01.2023) tried to appease.

So what, Scholz did the opposite of what he said in the past. The possibility of developments contrary to the three conditions he enumerated is not at all low.. In particular, there is no guarantee that it will not be a "direct side of the war". Because giving heavy weapons also means being a party to the war openly.. The fact that tanks and guns are not used by German soldiers is just a detail.… In this regard, it can be said that the USA once again made Germany do what it wanted by subjugating it.. For months, The US, who wanted Germany to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine, finally got what it wanted.. Scholz's "Abrams tank" requirement was only symbolically fulfilled.

Scholz, who previously said that "heavy weapons will never be sold to Ukraine", 14 Leopard 2 Announcing that his tank will be given to Ukraine, “There is no question of sending warplanes and warships,” he said.. So what, On the same day, the Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Berlin Andrij Melnky, "Aeroplane, battle ship, call to send a "submarine", sign of what's next.

German capital as the trigger of two great world wars, Turning the Ukrainian war into an opportunity, "War," which has been on everyone's lips for many years,, never again!' throwing aside the slogan, one by one he broke the taboos under the name of "help".

One year ago 5 military aid starting with a thousand axis, at the present stage 14 Reached Leopard 2. Germany will pay for the tanks.. This 11 Only the amount of military aid provided by Germany to Ukraine during the month 3.3 billion euros.

Imperialist powers dragging Ukraine into war with Russia, now they are implementing their plans step by step in order to "not be defeated by Ukraine". this plan, bloody that will bring Russia to its knees, nothing more than a regional war.

Germany's Leopard 2, The US's supply of Abrams tanks, which is uncertain when they will leave, will serve to grow the war, not to end it.. Many people express this fact at every opportunity.. While writing these, Some readers say that we do not oppose the permanent occupation of the Russian army in Ukraine if heavy weapons are not sent., He can conclude that we support Russia.. However, today's urgent need, It is the establishment of a dialogue table that will put an end to the Russian occupation.. On the field, it seems impossible for the Ukrainian army to defeat the Russian army., this is why guns are constantly being sent. It is in the interest of the Ukrainian people to prolong the war., not in exacerbation, Russia's withdrawal from the occupied territories through negotiations.. At least the war started 24 A regional war can be avoided by returning to pre-February.

of the Russian capital, imperialist, Blood and tears will continue to flow in Ukraine as long as its militarist ambitions are responded to in the same manner.. public interest West, Not being Ukrainian nationalists or pro-Russian, negotiating against war and being pro-peace.


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Max Payne
1 year ago

Deliveries of heavy equipment only prolong the agony of Ukraine and the suffering of the common people, but who would have thought about the latter, when Western politicians, without hesitation, they declare war until the last Ukrainian..

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