Poland will train and equip a Ukrainian brigade-level unit

On Friday 20 January this year. in Ramstein, the head of the Ministry of National Defense took part in a meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine, which concentrates more than 50 countries supporting Ukraine.

Speaking about another Polish support for Ukraine, the head of the Ministry of National Defense pointed out, that it is possible thanks to the consistently implemented modernization of the Polish Army.

– Support for Ukraine is possible for this reason, that we are able to provide the equivalent for the Polish Army. There are already Korean K-2 tanks and K-9 howitzers. There will be another delivery this year. There will also be HIMARS and American Abrams tanks. When we add to this the contract concluded with the Ukrainian authorities by Huta Stalowa Wola for the supply of Krab gun-howitzers, then we are dealing with a coherent support project for Ukraine, and at the same time modernization of the equipment of the Polish Army - emphasized the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

Ramstein conference, which was attended by representatives of over 50 countries, under the leadership of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin focused on assessing the current military situation in Ukraine, discussing the scale of support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and plans for new military capabilities in this area.

– This was the eighth meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine, here at the Ramstein base in Germany. Just as the previous meetings were fruitful, yes, and today's meeting was a good discussion between allies in a format wider than NATO. We talked mainly about the situation in Ukraine. (…) We talked about the risks, the imperial policy of Russia. There is no doubt, that we can expect another attack on Ukraine. So you should support Ukraine yes, so that it can effectively resist the Russian attack, said Deputy Prime Minister M. Blaszczak.
Poland's involvement in supporting Ukraine during the Ramstein conference was also emphasized by the US Secretary of Defense, L. Austin, who chaired the talks.
Poland is a leader in the supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine, training the Ukrainian armed forces and sheltering Ukrainian refugees, he said.

– I consistently mentioned this in my speech, that the ruler of the Kremlin is trying to rebuild the evil empires. Russian Empire, which will certainly not stop in Ukraine and will want to go further. We have to do everything, to support the Ukrainians, so that the war does not spill over to the territory of the North Atlantic Alliance - said Deputy Prime Minister M.. Blaszczak.

The head of the Polish Ministry of Defense also held talks with representatives 15 countries, Leopard tank users, which could be transferred to Ukraine as part of a broader coalition.

“We also talked to the group 15 countries, that use Leopard tanks. We talked about equipping Ukraine with these heavy tanks. It is so important, that 14 of the countries meeting in Ramstein today have such tanks. We want to form a coalition of states, which have these tanks and which could equip Ukraine with these tanks. No decisions have been made on this matter. We are scheduled for further meetings. Probably now in videoconferencing format. (…) I am convinced, that this coalition building will be successful, just like the transfer of the Patriot system to Ukraine was a success - noted the head of the Ministry of National Defense after the meeting.

Today, a bilateral meeting of Minister M. Blaszczak with Boris Pistorius, Minister of Defense of Germany.
As reported, on Thursday, defense ministers and representatives of nine European NATO countries issued a joint statement, "Tallin Declaration". In it, they confirmed their determination and will to continue to support Ukraine and condemned Russian aggression.

The signatories recognized, that “Ukraine's equipment to push Russia out of its territory is equally important, like equipping her to defend it, what they already have”.

“That is why we are committed to working together to deliver an unprecedented set of donations, including main battle tanks, heavy artillery, air defense systems, ammunition and infantry fighting vehicles for the defense of Ukraine,” the signatories point out.

The joint statement was signed by Estonia's defense ministers, Great Britain, Lithuania and Latvia and by representatives of Denmark, Czech, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

According to the document, Poland is preparing a package, including S-60 z anti-aircraft guns 70 thousand. ammunition. Also noted, that our country has already given to the Ukrainians 42 infantry fighting vehicles of unspecified type for two mechanized battalions. Added, that "Poland continues to supply Krab howitzers" and ammunition. Underlined, that, above all, Poland is ready to give Ukraine a company of Leopard tanks 2 z 1000 ammunition.




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