Usa, disturbing revelations about the Biden house where the classified documents were found

The discovery of classified documents stored irregularly by US President Joe Biden has led the former head of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, to warn that this could pose a risk to national security and the situation should be analyzed by experts.

Speaking on an ABC TV show on Sunday (15 January), Schiff referred to the national security risk: “I don't think we can rule out this possibility without knowing the facts better”, he has declared.

He also likened this situation to the case of classified material found by authorities at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence.. “We have requested an intelligence evaluation of the Mar-a-Lago documents. I think we should get the same assessment of the documents” found in the possession of the current president of the United States.

“I would like to know what these documents are. I would like to know what the rating is (dell’intelligence) if there was a risk of exposure, what the damage would be and if any mitigation needs to be done”, he added.

About this, Schiff also indicated that the attorney general will not “no choice but to appoint a special prosecutor” to look into the case.

I findings

In November of last year, a dozen documents relating to Biden's time as vice president, between 2009 and the 2017, were found in the private office of the current White House tenant at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a think tank launched in 2018 which manages academic programs and events on foreign policy.

Thursday 12 January, the White House has confirmed that Biden's lawyers discovered a dozen other classified documents in the garage of his Wilmington residence, in Delaware, even though none of them were marked top secret. Shortly after, it was announced that five other documents had been found in the same residence.

Although the US government denies any fault on Biden's part, claiming that “the documents were inadvertently lost”, the Justice Department is investigating whether Biden improperly handled confidential documents, which could constitute a crime.

Doubts and questions increase

A tweet from NY Post reporter Miranda Devine, it raised questions.

“The now 52-year-old began listing his Wilmington home as his address following his divorce 2017 by ex-wife Kathleen Buhle – even falsely claiming ownership of the property in a July inspection form 2018 as part of a rental application”, highlights the NY Post.
This is the very house where classified documents were found.

in the documents consulted, Hunter Biden, means the payment of a “monthly rent” of 49.910 dollars, i.e. approx 550.000 dollars for the 11 months he claimed to have lived there. A search on Zillow reveals that the most expensive home currently for rent in Wilmington, in Delaware, costa 6.000 dollars a month.

According to Town magazine & Country, Biden's house is worth approx 2 Millions of dollars.

May Hunter, a drug addict, mistakenly indicating the annual rent payment to his father for the house which contained confidential documents? Right, but because the wealthy father ex vice president made him pay the rent, when Hunter was presumably short on cash?

Someone like Trending Politics, he wonders at this point if this was Hunter's way of channeling funds to his father.

After Hunter's divorce was finalized in May of 2017, was included in an email from his business partner James Gilliar regarding a venture with Chinese state-funded energy company CEFC China Energy. The email stated that Hunter and his associates would receive the 20% of the shares of the new company, while the 10% it would go to Hunter's uncle, James Biden, and the remainder 10% it would have been “held by H for the big shot”.

Tony Bobulinski, another of Hunter's former business associates, claims to have had a meeting with Joe Biden regarding the CEFC undertaking il 2 maggio 2017 and that the president was the individual referred to as the “big shot” in Gilliar's email. Moreover, Gilliar himself confirmed that Joe Biden was the “big shot” quoted, in a message found on Hunter Biden's infamous laptop.

As the NY Post reports, “the next year, Federal investigators have begun investigating whether Hunter and his business associates had violated tax and money laundering laws while doing business in China and other countries. On the laptop, that Hunter took to a Delaware repair shop in 2019 and that he never recovered, e-mails and other business-related documents were found”.

“I hope you all can do what I did and pay it all for this family to 30 years”, Hunter told daughter Naomi in January 2019. “It's really difficult. But do not worry, unlike dad, I won't force you to give me half your salary”.

At this point the Post points out: “The laptop does not contain any direct evidence of any such money transfers, but it shows that Hunter was regularly busy with household expenses, including repairs to the Wilmington house.

In December 2020, weeks after his father was elected president, Hunter Biden has announced that his “tax affairs” were being investigated by federal authorities in Delaware and he said he was 'confident that a professional and objective examination of these matters will demonstrate that I have handled my affairs lawfully and properly'.

Recent reports have indicated that investigators believe they have enough evidence to charge the first son with tax crimes, as well as that he lied about his drug abuse on a federal form so he could buy a gun in 2018”.

One question remains: the 'monthly' rent from 49910 dollars was it just a mistake made by a drug addict or there is more to it?

Meanwhile, a substantial indifference of the mainstream information circuit continues to stand out on the whole affair.




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