NATO vaccine from the USA to the EU

"Transatlantic restoration" was at the center of the Biden administration's global policy. Because the imperialist USA 21. His ability to maintain his claim in the 19th century depended on his ability to limit China.. In terms of power balances, the way to do this is the USA's involvement with China. (even to China plus Russia) It was through forming the broadest coalition against.

On the contrary, the EU, especially 2014 Since then, it has been openly seeking “strategic autonomy”.. Strategic autonomy, In short, it meant the EU's cooperation with China and Russia based on their interests, independent of the USA.. As a requirement of this goal, the Germany-France duo started to include the independent defense of the EU and the construction of the army on their agenda..

Here is the US Ukraine crisis, Using the EU as a pathway to Transatlantic restoration. To this end, it wants a "long war" if necessary, until the "last Ukrainian" remains in Ukraine..

Thus, the USA will be able to establish activities in EU territory against Russia, which it has declared a threat., It would be able to curb Germany-France's pursuit of strategic autonomy and incorporate the EU into its strategy against China..

NATO for the imperialist USA, It was a means of controlling member states.. With NATO obligations, members were positioned according to the interests of the United States, not their own national strategies..

ABD, It also uses NATO as a tool in the new world conditions where its hegemony and as a reflection of the Transatlantic ties weaken..

It is for this purpose that the US is considering both expanding NATO and strengthening the bonds of its members under the new threat.. NATO’nun 2030 This is actually the concept. China's main competitor, Through the imminent threat of Russia, Alignment of members according to American strategy…

For this reason, the USA threw a new NATO grip on the EU.: 10 In January, the third joint declaration between NATO and the EU was signed.. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Signed by Charles Michel, President of the European Council, and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. 14 joint declaration, in terms of its content and main purpose. 2016 in Warsaw and 2018 exceeds the Brussels joint declarations of.

The main objective of the NATO-EU Joint Declaration, which can be summarized as “Transatlantic partnership restoration against China and Russia”, In order to eliminate the EU's search for strategic autonomy,, It is the USA's vaccination of NATOism to the EU..

Declaration, it is stitched loop. Russia and China are targeted first, as in the NATO strategic concept.. Russia's "undermining European security", It is being processed that China's "increasing claim must be responded to". And then the following theses are put forward by coming to the basis.:

1) European fragility benefits strategic rivals, laying the groundwork for terrorist organizations.

2) This is why EU-US ties are important.

3) ok, strong European defense is important but only if it is complementary to NATO…

4) NATO is the main instrument of Euro-Atlantic collective defense.

As a matter of fact, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg also pointed to this principle in the press release after the signature.: "Born'nun, It will continue to be the main defense objective for Euro-Atlantic security., We have made it clear with this declaration.”

But the main thing is: So, will the US keep the NATO vaccine to the EU??

Because, despite the conditions of the Ukraine crisis, the search for "strategic autonomy" in both Berlin and Paris is not over..

In the circumstances in which "NATO has determined that brain death has occurred", Will France give up on its European Army target?? Where China is the EU's largest trading partner, Will Germany give up on its strategic partnership with this country??


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