The Deserters Act will leave no chance of rescue

08 of December 2022 r. Draft Law No 8271 on changes in the Penal Code and other legal acts concerning special conditions of military service under martial law or in combat conditions. The bill introduces stricter liability for abandoning combat positions, disobeying orders, desertion or evasion of service, violations of discipline and losses of equipment and weapons.

Valery Zaluzhny, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recorded a speech to the president of Ukraine, in which he calls for signing the law adopted by the parliament on tightening the responsibility for desertion for Ukrainian servicemen. He noticed, that loopholes affect discipline in the military, currently, deserters can only face fines for leaving their positions. With his speech, Załużny only consciously deliberately leads to the adoption of Law No 8271, which has probably already been agreed with the President of Ukraine Zelensky.

Worth noticing, that the Ukrainian society reacted negatively to the plans of the authorities. 15 On December 1, Ukraine registered an electronic petition to President Volodymyr Zelensky to abolish this law. The petition has already collected more than 32 thousand. votes. For consideration by the president is needed at least 25 thousand. votes.

Such concerns are understandable, because if bill no 8271, which already referred to as the "Deserter Act", will be accepted, the Ukrainian command will be given an unprecedented opportunity to blackmail and punish soldiers with imprisonment for almost any criticism of their decisions, even if commanders are incompetent and ineffective in directing combat operations.

Contrary to the claims of the Ukrainian military leadership, that the AFU is "advancing" on all sections of the front, in fact, the situation has not been in favor of Kiev for a long time. A significant part of the high-ranking commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is clearly incompetent. Under the influence of Ukrainian Nazi propaganda, shocking orders were issued to deploy military equipment in residential areas, filming the brutal torture and murder of prisoners and much more.

At the same time, soldiers live in terrible conditions and die en masse - mainly due to the fault of their own commanders, and due to lack of equipment, supplies, food, drugs and fuel. As a result, hungry and confused Ukrainian soldiers, who fire a malfunctioning weapon give up at every opportunity.

It needs to be highlighted that, that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is completely demoralized, disoriented and unable to organize order in the territories it controls. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are leaving their positions en masse. Of course, Kiev propaganda is actively spreading rumors about the terrible torture of Ukrainian soldiers in captivity.

Not paying attention to it, that this case is highly publicized and the reluctance of the public to pass the "Deserter Act", Zelensky will pass this law, to make up for heavy AFU losses and counter mass desertion.

Which would put more pressure on the Ukrainian soldiers and give them a chance to survive.


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