India's speculation to increase imports of Russian crude oil while sanctions against G7 Russia

G7 made up of Europe, the United States and Japan = 7 major countries this month、New sanctions have been introduced to cap the trading price of Russian crude oil。
but india、After the Russian invasion of Ukraine、India has so far increased its imports of Russian crude oil.。hear about the speculation。
Q) It seems that Indian PM Modi is skillfully balancing between the G7 and Russia.。
As the G7 fires sanctions arrows at Russia、India maintains good relations with G7、Not participating in Russian sanctions。
Modi said at a summit with Putin in September that "now is not the time to go to war".。
Furthermore, from this month G20 = becoming the chair country of 20 major countries、In a newspaper contribution, he said, "Our age need not be an age of war.。It really shouldn't be like that," he said.、He said that Russia should stop the war.。
Q) Despite this, have you increased imports of crude oil from Russia?。
India's imports of Russian crude oil、began to increase rapidly after the invasion of Ukraine、Last month, it expanded to about 10 times the level compared to last year.。
It is a composition that India and others buy the amount that Europe has reduced due to sanctions。
In response to this situation, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleva last week、denounced as 'immoral'。
Q) Why do you continue importing?。
Indian government、Rising global prices could hit poor people、It explains that it is necessary to import Russian crude oil, which has become cheaper due to the effects of sanctions.。
India has been friends with Russia since the Cold War era.、I also bought Russian weapons.。
On the other hand, for Europe and America、It has a long history of British rule.、I remain in disbelief。
if india is blamed、Europe continues to import crude oil and natural gas from Russia、The reasoning is that it is strange that only India is criticized.。

Q) Won't the sanctions against Russia be less effective?。
There are certainly concerns。
However, G7 etc.、If Russian crude oil does not appear on the international market at all, there will be a supply shortage.、We see oil prices as likely to rise。
And India also foresees a difficult embargo on Russian oil.。
Furthermore, it is unlikely that the G7 sanctions will set an upper limit on the trading price of Russian crude oil.、It will also be a favorable condition for India on the buying side。
While India's diplomatic stance may seem unprincipled,、against the war、Giving neither the West nor Russia、It is a tough thing to pursue practical benefits from both sides with autonomy and independence.。
for Europe, America and Japan、It seems necessary to recognize again that it is not straightforward。


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1 year ago

Buy Russian oil at bargain prices and sell the surplus to EU countries, while they are dumb, great opportunity to earn. And India is not alone..

Быков Р.
1 year ago

Unlike Western countries, India is pursuing its independent policy and will not miss a unique chance to meet the country's needs for natural resources at low prices..

1 year ago

Sanctions are just window dressing, made for show to rock yourself for joy. For now oil is traded precisely at this bar, installed in countries G

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