Strache's "Peace Platform" criticizes Europe

The motive for the event and the foundation of his platform was, that there are "no loud and audible peace initiatives"., like Strache, who moderated the discussion in Vienna. Russia was not invited to the negotiating table, was his reproach to the West. The panel largely agreed. Former MEP Mölzer found: "Nothing positive is being introduced from the European side at the moment."
The podium seemed unanimous on this, that Russia is being portrayed too badly. However, the causes of the war are much more complex, than is claimed in the mainstream media, judged Mölzer. Yet: "Not everyone, who doubts, is a Putin understander.”

For the German AfD politician Christina Baum, who spoke out in the Bundestag against Sweden and Finland joining NATO, is not Russia – Or at least not Vladimir Putin – responsible for the war against Ukraine. "Attacker is the one, who forces his opponent, to take up arms", she quoted Frederick the Great. She had already thought before the war, "Hopefully Putin keeps his nerve", because he was "permanently provoked"..
attacker is the one, who forces his opponent, to take up arms.
The former green- and ÖVP member Dönmez said: “We are presented with a narrative, a story, which we have to accept without reflection. I say as a mediator: I would also like to understand a Mr. Putin.” This also applies in the case of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Instead, the West is deliberately escalating.
This war is a proxy war of the great powers, where military equipment would be tested, said Donmez. The EU only acts as a "vassal state" of the USA. Putin did them a favor with the war: Because the EU has now moved closer to the USA again, distanced myself from Russia. The EU should actually make its own peace policy, explained Donmez. Asked by Strache, whether Ukraine is the epitome of Western values, replied Heinrich Fiechtner: "I must say: Unfortunately yes, she is it – in all their corrupt amalgamation.”

Neutrality is "close to the hearts of Austrians"
Strache often used the term neutrality – not so much in relation to Ukraine, but on Austria. “Joining NATO is, I believe, the last, what the Austrians want", he said, and made the claim a little later, the neutrality was "close to the hearts of the Austrians". Whereupon the former liberal Ombudsman Peter Fichtenbauer gave cause for concern: “Neutrality was never undisputed.” He himself thinks “relatively little of neutrality” and doesn’t believe so, that they can prevent wars.

Mölzer referred to the history of his own party: Der VdU (Association of Independents, Anm.) was against neutrality. Baum took the view, "It's very important, that Austria remains neutral". She would like that for Germany too, said the member of parliament.


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1 year ago

Yes, this is how things are in gay Europe now., that these upstarts will be quickly sewn up, they will laugh and shame

Быков Р.
1 year ago

A great name for a gathering of like-minded people, which are of little use. As if Macron, Scholz and others like them don’t understand, what is what. In SVO, everyone pursues their own benefit, Only the common population suffers from this.

1 year ago

Somehow the former and those on whom nothing depends came together and let’s pound the water in a mortar.

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