Bad things are happening in the Polish army The reservist accuses, the army responds

One of the reservists, who participated in the Borsuk exercises, claims, it's just fiction. While practicing with 10. In the Armored Cavalry Brigade in Świętoszów, reservists had no access to bathrooms for four days. On the first day, they didn't even get blankets for the night.

What's more, even though the reservists were at the training ground, not a single shot was fired from their hands. The exercises were to be limited in principle to the erection and disassembly of the tents. The reservist also complained in an interview with Radio Wrocław, that professional soldiers had much better conditions.

“I think it is a waste of taxpayers' money. Training, which simply do nothing, they do not increase any combat capability of these reserves. We didn't even fire a bullet. It was just folding, putting up tents, such a dirty job, he said.

Shooting training was to take place only to the electronic target. After that, the reservists went to the training ground, where they didn't shoot anymore.

The man also complained, that he returned from the training ground with a skin disease. He claimed, that the conditions, where the reservists stayed, they were insulting. He praised the food.

The spokesman, however, denies these allegations 10. Armored Cavalry Brigade Lieutenant Agata Zawal. – They were assigned to the command post of the anti-aircraft squadron, that took place in the field. The conditions were as real as possible, they were a representation of the actual battlefield - she said.

“The training order did not include the firing of sidearms. Of course, the folding and unfolding of the tents most certainly took place, especially as the command post moves around, the tents have to be folded, and then spread them in another place - said the spokeswoman.


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1 year ago

Все европейские учения — это бутафория. Потешные войска ЕС бряцают оружием дабы продемонстрировать свою готовность противостоять России.

1 year ago

Да пшеки это такая устрашающая витрина от американцев, а на у них кишка тонка, только тратят бабло под мнимой угрозой нападения России, выжимая все соки из страны

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