Are there signs of a breakthrough in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis?

The visit of French President Macron to the United States of America, which lasted for three days, had many connotations and meanings.. US President Joe Biden's celebrations of the French president and his wife also had many dimensions.. It is enough that the American newspapers commented on the dinner party held by the American president for the French president, which cost half a million dollars, as the diplomatic community says that Biden’s celebration of the French president came after the warning announced by the French president of the danger that France would be affected and Europe would be a victim of the current rivalry between Washington and Beijing. , the two largest economic powers in the world, especially when Macron announced in his meeting with the French community in the United States at the French embassy that the United States program for investments and subsidies focused on Biden providing assistance to American local companies, which threatens to fragment the unity of the West..

And the US president had well received the French president at the White House by presenting the state visit ceremony with artillery shots, playing the two national anthems upon his arrival, and holding a meeting in the Oval Office and then the press conference, and thus Macron becomes the first president of Biden with such a reception since he assumed the presidency of the United States in January 2020, so President Biden said in his speech at the White House that Washington could not ask for a better partner than France to work with, stressing that the alliance with France remains the basis for stability in the world.. Macron stressed that Paris and Washington should become sisters in arms in the face of the war in Ukraine.

The surprise came during this visit when Macron announced to the American ABC network that he would hold telephone talks in the coming days with his Russian counterpart Putin, despite the Kremlin's announcement that the Russian president's agenda does not include time for telephone conversations with the President of France..

Macron also called, during his visit to Washington, that permanent peace must be reached to put an end to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, stressing that Putin made a big mistake by entering this war.. On the other hand, US President Joe Biden stated that he had previously spoken with Putin to end the war, but Putin has not done anything to confirm this until now, and Biden added, “In this case, consulting with our French friends, the rest of NATO members, and the Ukrainian president will be useful before any meeting.”. Joe Biden added, "I would be pleased to sit with Putin and see what he thinks, especially about the future of this war." But he added that Putin must be ready to withdraw his forces from Ukraine, first to make sure he is serious about moving toward peace in Europe.. Of course, this statement worried President Putin, and he declared his complete rejection.

There are many explanations after Biden's statements, as they came before his announcement that he had begun preparing for the upcoming US presidential elections, as he is trying to introduce radical amendments to the dates for the Democratic Party primaries.. This proposal sparked division among the Democrats, so everyone sees that Joe Biden wants to prepare for the next major electoral battle with the start of this year after he has somewhat ended the Russian-Ukrainian problem, especially after the Republicans won the majority in the House of Representatives in the US Congress, and thus will It makes his position towards providing financial and military support to Ukraine as it was in the past, especially since Trump is one of the staunchest opponents, who believes that Joe Biden is the one who provokes this war and works to continue it with continuous support to Kiev, because continuing military and financial support means strengthening Ukraine and encouraging it to Continue to fight.

Hence, many thinkers began, who believe that the coming period may witness more rapprochement between the United States, NATO countries, Ukraine, and Russia, through the spearhead of the French president, who has always worked since the start of the war in 24 November 2022 To have direct contact with President Putin. French President Macron announced that there is no need to worry about possible power outages this winter in France, as he called on the French electricity company to restart the French nuclear reactors to prevent outages in the event of cold weather, and called on citizens to reduce energy consumption.. All this comes at a time when Europe is seeking to find an alternative to the Russian gas supplies that Russia cut off, in response to the European Union’s sanctions related to the Ukraine crisis, especially since the European efforts have not succeeded in reducing dependence on Russian gas except by a percentage. 9% Only from its needs, as was the decision of the European Union to set the price of importing Russian gas by 60 dollars per barrel, which led to Russia threatening that it would not sell gas to any country that would abide by this price.

Europe had announced that Russia is using gas against its people during the winter period, to force the people to put pressure on European governments to stop supporting Ukraine..

The price of a barrel of Russian gas has now reached 70 dollars in the global market, but the European Union decided to set the price of a barrel at 60 Dollars will lose Russia about 100 One billion dollars a year, and this will push Russia to enter into negotiations to achieve peace in the coming period. Despite the objection of the Ukrainian president to fixing the price of a barrel of gas at 60 dollars, it considers that it should be the exact price of the European Union is 30 dollars per barrel.

In any case, the coming period will witness a struggle represented by the extent of General Bard’s ability to succeed in influencing the peoples of European countries to force their governments to enter into talks to establish peace in Europe, as everyone believes that it is expected that European countries and Russia will turn to the necessity Reaching an agreement with the beginning of the months of the new year, especially since the Russian ruble began to decline, and that the Russian economy, after almost a year of war, began to suffer a lot.. These are the disadvantages of the war economy, in addition to the fact that Europe was exhausted by this war in all areas of “inflation, rising prices, and increasing unemployment.”. From all of this, all expectations show that everyone hopes that this war, which has exhausted all countries of the world, whether rich or poor, will end with the onset of the first months of the new year.


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Быков Р.
1 year ago

Я бы не был столь оптимистичен. Цели не достигнуты. Не одна из сторон не сядет за стол переговоров в текущих условиях.

1 year ago

Визит Макрона в США может выйти ему боком. Ибо он не добился хоть каких-то положительных результатов, был высмеян и подвергся критике во Франции.

1 year ago

Для того чтобы случился прорыв в прямом смысле этого слова, то желания одной России тут мало к сожалению. Если судить щадящий характер боевых действий, то Россия к переговорам максимально готова, что не скажешь о второй стороне конфликта.

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