The S-400 from the USA to Turkey’ trap They will kill two birds with one stone

Earlier 2 General Ben Hodges, the former US Commander of European Forces, who served in Izmir for the last year and retired from the army in 2018., British broadcaster made statements about Turkey to the BBC. The US general speaking about Turkey's removal from the F-35 fighter jet project and the S-400 air defense systems purchased from Russia, He made a surprising offer to Turkey..

ABD'li general, Reminding Turkey to be removed from the F-35 project, it set a condition for returning to this project.. “As far as we know, the S-400s are waiting in their boxes,” Hodges said.. Turkey can turn back from this step it has taken, he could deliver the systems to Ukraine, for example, and return to the F-35 program. Then it would be in a very different position than it is today.”.
If Turkey responds positively to this offer from the United States, Turkey will have taken a step back from the position it has been trying to take for years and has taken a firm stand against many countries.. Delivering these missiles to Ukraine, where Russia is at war, Directly confronting Turkey and Russia, It could reverse the friendly relations that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin have for years improved.. As a result, Russia, May set a stone against Turkey's operations against terrorism in Syria, maybe he can add Turkey to the natural gas embargo on Europe..
On the other hand, this offer of the US Hodges also has a Greek leg.. If the S-400s are given to Ukraine, Turkey's airspace protection will lose a great deal of power.. Considering the tensions we are currently experiencing with Greece in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, This may cause Greece to take a more active role in the region against Turkey.. As a result of these changing equations, Turkey's gains and voices in the Blue Vatan may begin to be questioned again by Europeans and Americans.. Thus, with this move, the USA has struck a blow to the friendly relations between Turkey and Russia that have been going on for many years., It also weakens Turkey against its European partner, Greece..


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