wondered what to do!

Switzerland gets 60 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric power stations. But most of the country's energy power comes from France and Germany, and supply is tight this year..
Swiss government, Fearing power outages in the coming months, it has put on its agenda the measure to ban electric vehicles as part of its contingency plan..
‘Absolutely necessary trips in the country’ There is a high probability of banning the use of electric vehicles other than.
However, Switzerland had decided to completely ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2030..
There is an energy crisis across Europe.. They also gave up nuclear power and coal.. Coal mines and nuclear power plants, which are now closed, are opened one by one when Russia cuts off natural gas.
wondered what to do!
If Europe's plans are upset when a single country cuts off its gas, It means that the transition to electric vehicles is being rushed around the world..
I hope that in the future, the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles will not be banned in our country under the pressure of the climate change lobby..
It was the right political decision to broaden our spectrum in energy resources.. Not completely sacrificing fossil fuel vehicles may also be the right step..
'Best Actress in Golden Butterfly'’ Pınar Deniz while receiving her award, “I watched a movie when I was a kid and I decided to become an actor to save the world.” funny to sum up, made a meaningless speech.
He praised the movie "Blood Diamond" that changed Deniz's life., And then the fact that he is the face of one of the jewelry companies, which is the most important criticism of the film, is a great contradiction.!
In fact, the actor's choice of clothes was just as bad as his speech..
Pinar is a really beautiful woman, high aura. Handles the acting, if he works he can do better.
But to a manager who will make his star shine, she needs a style consultant and an editor to prepare her speeches.
Honestly, one expects such a charming and beautiful actress to dress and speak better..
Fame is like a bird, it flies out of your hand. The important thing is to carry that fame.
'Best Female Singer in Golden Butterfly'’ Zeynep Bastik, who won the award, gave her speech from her mother to her representative., He thanked almost everyone around him, from his assistant to his director to his ex-wife, but the 'cover' that made him a star.’ forgot the owners of the songs.
Zeynep is really sweet, a cute girl. It suits the stage very well., sound is good but it has one major flaw; not enough original songs.
How many hits in the country’ If there is a song, he covered it from his seat..
write lyrics, Of course, composing is a separate skill, but many singers we refer to as stars today have their own songs..
Come on, you have no talent for writing lyrics and composing, at least compose yourself an original song, there's no room!
80 percent of the songs he sang in the concert were covered.’ Zeynep's 'Best Female Singer’ presenting the award sums up the plight of the music market.
I guess it's enough for the new generation singers to stay on the agenda thanks to social media.!
MicroStrategy's worldwide 16 – 64 In the graph showing the proportion of internet users who own any cryptocurrency between the ages of, Turkey ranked first.
October 2022 percent of internet users investing in cryptocurrencies 25,8 lives in Turkey with.
In this data, the world average is percent. 12,3.
In other words, we are both the first and we have twice as many investors as the world average..
Of course, the most important thing is the amount of crypto money held.. We are behind in that ranking..
In my opinion, the main reasons that make Turkey the first are the fact that we have a young population and the young people's inclination towards technology..
Our young people often dream of getting rich without working.. They invest in small amounts just in case it works..
Of course, there are big money losers..
The event that I expected in the presentation trend of the restaurants on social media took place.:
Artificial flowers caught fire while welcoming customers with a torch in a restaurant in Adana.. The restaurant was destroyed.
when you can cook and sell delicious food, we have exaggerated this presentation.
Everyone is presenting, That's how those who don't know the business burn shops when they worry about showing off!
Fire, It also spread to the motorcycle shop next door.. I mean let's show off, millions of dollars in damage!
I'm making a note of the date: Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will not run for President.
He never appeared before Erdogan as a candidate., won't come out again!
Because if he is nominated, he knows best that he will lose.. He also knows that if he is a candidate and loses, he will not even be able to go out on the street..
In politics there are leaders and second men. Kılıçdaroğlu is also a typical second man who would not risk losing..
Just like Muharrem İnce's candidacy, even if the person he nominated loses, he will still be the winner..
If not nominated “I nominated the person you wanted” He will continue to stay at the head of the CHP by always having the comfort of saying.
If his nominee wins, then he will be the playmaker of the strategy that made Erdogan lose.. And he will continue on his way as a non-partisan politician..
Maybe there is a plan to make Kılıçdaroğlu President in the strategy of the 'Six Table' to pass to the Parliamentary System.! On the other hand, Kılıçdaroğlu's "no-candidacy strategy" for more than a year, It's too long, so there's a high chance of backlash.!
Most important 1994 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has not lost any election since!
Upcoming election 'global quarterbacks'’ also very important for! Turkey is heading towards the most important election in its history.


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