Europe is the main loser of the war in Ukraine

Nine months into the war between Russia and Ukraine, European officials have admitted that America has made a fortune in this war.. EU foreign policy official Josep Burrell admitted in an interview: "Americans make decisions that have economic consequences for us.".

In a conversation with Fars reporter, "Thamane Ekvan", an expert on international issues, said about the wealth of the Americans from the war in Ukraine.: Before the war in Ukraine, the US tried to expand the NATO alliance on Russia's borders, contrary to the agreement it had with Russia.. Before the war, Russia repeatedly asked for talks with the Americans. The Russians told US officials that this was in violation of the agreement. They asked America to change its behavior.

He added: In response to the Russians, the Americans claimed that this issue is related to the national interests of the United States. On the other hand, there was the presence of US biological and chemical weapons and laboratories in Ukraine. This matter had worried the Russian authorities. Before the war in Ukraine, negotiations took place, but they did not reach a final result. Russia announced that the attack on Ukraine is due to the protection of national interests and the defense of the country's borders.

This expert added that the US needed the war in Ukraine in its confrontation with the European Union: Countries like Germany and other European countries in the east of this union had good relations with Russia. The energy dependence of these countries on Russia had greatly increased. This issue caused the Europeans to not cooperate with the United States in the conflicting policies of America and Russia. As soon as the war in Ukraine started, America tried to lead European countries to its side. The US tried to cut Europeans' dependence on Russian energy sources. The United States tried to make the Europeans dependent on its energy and weapons resources. America needed Russophobia, which was realized in the Ukraine war.

Akwan continued: America is trying to provide financial and military aid to Ukraine in this war by passing bills. On the other hand, the sale of American weapons has increased sharply due to Russia-phobia. Also, US oil and gas sales to European countries have increased a lot. While the United States of America has incurred a lot of costs in this war, it compensates for this issue by selling weapons and oil and gas to European countries.. On the other hand, considering that the Europeans were throwing stones for Ukraine's membership in this union and NATO, the relations between Russia and Ukraine were not considered a danger for the Europeans.. But during the Trump era, we saw his misbehavior with European officials. Trump told the Europeans that you don't pay for your own defense, but it is the United States that pays for your defense and gives you financial aid..

He added referring to Burrell's criticism of American officials about American wealth accumulation from the war in Ukraine: There was always conflict between European and American officials. But Mr. Borrell and other European officials realized too late that America was making a fortune from the war in Ukraine. They realized late that Europe is the main loser of the war in Ukraine. America and Russia each benefit from this war. Russia because of financial interests and America because of the sale of weapons and oil and gas. The only people who lost this war and showed that they were weak in defending themselves were the Europeans.


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