The collective West practices deception in arming Ukraine, and American hegemony is cracking

Hamad Sadiq Al-Husseini

The giant media machine of the collective West continues to pump out deception and lies, whether related to the conduct of military operations in the Ukrainian battlefields, or those related to continuing to pump more American and European weapons to the Kiev regime and its Nazi formations, in an attempt by the leadership of Europe (EUROCOM) America, which directs the military operations of the collective West against Russia on Ukrainian soil and coordinates the delivery of Western weapons to the Ukrainian Nazi gangs..
It continues this process of deception and spreading lies with two main goals:
1 The suggestion that the Kiev Nazi armed gangs are able to regain the initiative in the field, if the supply of the most advanced American weapons to these gangs is increased.. This, of course, is nothing but a fantasy, as gangs that sell half of their Western weapons on the black market cannot seize the military initiative in the field.. Especially since it is fighting a Russian army that is superior to it in everything and knows exactly how and where to maneuver its forces, to prevent the collective West from achieving its goals of endangering Russian national security..
2 Covering up the real targets to continue pumping more US-NATO arms to the Kiev Nazi gangs. Those goals, which are mainly represented in getting rid of old US-European weapons to make room for supplying NATO armies with new weapons and equipment, are more appropriate to the requirements of future wars, say US military officials and analysts..
3 Here he is, Tom Karako, an expert on military security affairs at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, who said in an interview with “Reuters” a few days ago that the emptying of US military stores is necessary to make way for the production of new American weapons, which will be necessary to deter China..
Thus, what the Atlantic American media publishes about:
A- A proposal submitted by the American company Boeing to the Pentagon to manufacture a cheap and effective American weapon, to hand it over to the Nazi Kiev gangs, is nothing but a new lie, as the reality of the matter is completely different..
There is no new weapon that Boeing will produce, and what this company will do is a process of merging a guided bomb, used to strike fortifications and armored vehicles, and it is called: Small Diameter Bomb / GBU – 39 It is a bomb designed to be launched by fighter-bombers originally, combined with a rocket engine: M 26, and making modifications to this compact that allow it to be launched from ground launching bases, to become its name Ground - Launched Small Diameter Bomb GLSDB.
This was confirmed by the Senior Purchasing Manager (military) In the Pentagon, Doug Bush told reporters, last week when he was commenting on this scheme, and also added that other types of American weapons will be rushed to be produced, after they run out of the American army’s stores..
Note that the missiles referred to above, and the missile engines that will be integrated with them, are remnants of the American war in Afghanistan, and do not constitute patterns of appeal to American weapons, and they were originally produced in cooperation between the American Boeing Company and the Swedish SAAB Company, which confirms Sweden’s participation in all activities. And that this role will not begin with the accession of this deceitful country to NATO membership..
B- The repeated British-Atlantic-Ukrainian statements about the “possibility” of Britain supplying “Brimstone” missiles to Nazi Kiev gangs. / Brimstone /, known as an air-to-surface missile, which is launched from fighter jets at ground targets.
This is also a new lie launched by the British government, on 11/22/2022, by declaring that it will start supplying Ukraine with this type of missile.. This is because the British Ministry of Defense had decided to hand over these missiles to Nazi Kiev gangs (Brimstone), in early April 2022, after being modified to be usable as surface-to-surface missiles. On May 12, 2022, the British military began training armed Ukrainian elements to use this type of missile.. This is considered direct British participation in the military operations against the Russian army, especially since the British military trained Ukrainian militants on Ukrainian soil, that is, on the battlefields.. Ukrainian militants used this type of missile against Russian tanks, according to a newspaper: The British Times, dated 18/5/2022.
So, the matter is not related to new weapons, which will be delivered to the armed Ukrainian Nazi gangs, but rather it is a weapon that these gangs have been using for months, after the British Ministry of Defense had made technical modifications to it so that it could be launched from bases on the ground, against fixed or moving targets..
Accordingly, the attempts of misinformation and deception, which are being carried out by the American-Atlantic media machine, have failed once again to obscure the real goals of Western arms shipments to Ukraine..
Those goals, which, as we indicated above, are represented in the collective policy of the West, led by the United States, aimed at modernizing its military arsenals, within the framework of Western strategic mobilization operations, against the People's Republic of China, the Federal Republic of Russia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, in preparation to deter China, as well as We referred to point number three of this topic: Any deterrent goals.
It is worth noting that this missile, which carries an explosive warhead, has a weight 3,6 kilogram and has a range of only forty kilometers. It has been used on a very large scale by NATO forces in Afghanistan, and has proven to be ineffective..
Therefore, all this media hype of the collective West will not lead neither to the Ukrainian Nazi militias regaining the military initiative in the Ukrainian battlefields, nor to covering up the real goals of these frenzied media campaigns, which want to cover up the aggressive plans of the US-NATO against the new, rising international powers. In the world, the escalation of its power will lead to the undermining of American hegemony over the capabilities of the world's countries and their peoples.
After us, good people, say God...


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