The first serious whispers of a ceasefire in Ukraine

The whispers for a ceasefire in the Ukraine war are louder than ever, especially as a possible Republican victory in the congressional elections makes it difficult for the US president to support Ukraine.. There have been discussions about the pressure of the Biden administration on Ukraine to move towards a ceasefire; An issue that, of course, Colin Kall, the US Deputy Secretary of Defense, has rejected. The fact that the Secretary General of NATO said that the ceasefire should not be on Russia's terms, regardless of the terms and conditions that the two sides set for it, shows that the suspension of the war is more important than any other time in the last 9 months..

According to "Joan" report, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in a video message on Tuesday, asked the Americans to "maintain their firm and solid alliance" in support of Ukraine in the war with Russia. On the same day, Zelensky met with Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US representative at the United Nations; The meeting in which the American representative told Zelensky: "Washington has offered bipartisan support to Ukraine, and US President Joe Biden is committed to cooperating with the US Congress in this regard and to continue this cooperation." Despite this assurance from the American side, the initial results of the congressional elections, which show the victory of the Republicans, indicate that the situation is becoming difficult for Kiev.. Republicans, unlike Biden, do not believe in fully supporting Ukraine and instead say that the US government should be focused inward, a prospect that will make things difficult for Kiev.. Rumblings of a softening in Washington and European capitals are louder than ever. Despite the Biden administration's rhetoric about supporting Kiev, the Washington Post revealed on Saturday, November 5, that sources familiar with the matter said that the United States had privately encouraged Ukraine to be open to talks with Russia.. However, Colin Call, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy Affairs, told the Washington-based Defense Writers Group that the US position is not to force the Ukrainians to "engage with Russia before they are ready" and emphasized He said, "We want (Ukrainians) to be in a position to negotiate from a position of strength whenever they are ready." But the discussions about the ceasefire are more serious than it is thought.. The Wall Street Journal revealed on Monday that National Security Adviser Joe Biden and top Kremlin aides have been in private talks in recent months to reduce the risk of a wider conflict over Ukraine, and yesterday Bloomberg reported that Russia and the US are expected to hold talks on resuming inspections in the coming weeks. From the sites of nuclear weapons under the New Start Treaty (New start) start again.
Kiev does not accept
Although negotiations for "Start" and calls behind the scenes of the White House- The Kremlin seems to have done this to manage the tension between the two sides, but stopping the flames of war in Ukraine is necessary for any serious de-escalation between the US and Russia.. Under such conditions, discussions about a possible ceasefire are intensifying in the past days. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the NATO military alliance, confirmed this in a speech during the UN Climate Change Conference: "This military bloc demands a cessation of hostilities," but said that the ceasefire in Ukraine should not be based on Russia's terms.. NATO Secretary General said: "If Ukraine adheres to Russia's demands and accepts the fact that Russia has attacked and occupied territories, there is a risk of continued attacks." According to Stoltenberg, Ukraine's adherence to Russia's demands is a "danger" for everyone, as it will show that "the use of force allows someone to achieve political goals to gain control over neighboring countries." Of course, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Rudenko said that except for the main condition that "Ukraine must show its goodwill", Russia does not have any preconditions for starting negotiations with Ukraine.. Rudenko, who was speaking to reporters, said at the same time: "Ukraine has passed a law that prevents peaceful negotiations with Russia." At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities, in a position that shows their insistence on the continuation of the current situation, have said that they will not accept a ceasefire with Russia.. Volodymyr Zelenskyi's senior advisor Mikhail Podoliak said on Tuesday: "Ceasefire means stopping our attacks and this will give Russia time to regroup." "Podolyak" said: "It is quite clear that Putin is not ready for negotiations, so we will negotiate with the next Russian president." According to the adviser of the President of Ukraine, Kiev can resume talks with Moscow only after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine..
Moscow's desire for a ceasefire
In addition to the increasing desire of the Americans for a cease-fire, apparently the Russians are also under conditions that lead them to such a path.. PK Vasudeva wrote in Daily Pioneers yesterday: The lack of weapons, defense equipment, manpower and missiles is a big defeat for Russia. Vasudeva referred to what Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on October 26 that there were problems with the equipment of the hundreds of thousands of men sent to fight in Ukraine under President Vladimir Putin's partial mobilization order.. According to Vasudeva, this situation has inclined Russia to a ceasefire. Russian soldiers have written to their generals in a letter that seems to be unprecedented in the past 9 months.: You have sent us to "a fruitless war" and "ball meat"..


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1 year ago

Despite, that the case of a fundamental fracture is being promoted with all its might, initiative on the side of Ukraine, in fact, things are not so rosy at all. Even though Russia retreated, leaving considerable territories, the army suffers minimal losses, no problems with weapons and ammunition, but the Ukrainian army is directly dependent on Western arms supplies, which have almost completely exhausted their resource, but no one in the West is taking a war footing, to put it mildly, does not burn with desire. So rumors about peace/truce are beneficial to the West.

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