The Hungarian politician wished Poland and Hungary a common border. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands an explanation

“Today is Poland's Independence Day. God bless Poland! Let's meet again on the common Polish-Hungarian border!” – he wrote 11 listopada László Toroczkai.
He added a photo, on which you can see, how Polish and Hungarian border guard shake hands. The photo was taken in 1939 year, when today Ukrainian Transcarpathia was under Hungarian control.
The entry of the Hungarian politician was criticized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The appeal of the Hungarian MP László Toroczkai for a revision of state borders is unacceptable. We call on the Hungarian government to condemn such irresponsible statements, which undermine bilateral relations and do not correspond to the spirit of good neighborliness” – Oleh Nikolenko, spokesman for the ministry, wrote on Facebook.
László Toroczkai is a Hungarian nationalist politician. He founded the far-right HVIM group (Youth Movement 64 counties) and the far-right Hunnia movement. In the years 2003–2013 he was the chief editor and publisher of the magazine Magyar Jelen (Hungarian Contemporary).

He is also the founder and president of the far-right political party Ruch Our Home.

On his initiative at the beginning 2015 The initiative to build a fence along Hungary's southern border was launched for the first time, which would be aimed at stopping the wave of refugees crossing the Hungarian-Serbian border illegally.


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1 year ago

Everyone knew everything, but they were silent, and this one let it slip. But, maybe, even better. The truth will destroy the castles in the air in the Ukrainian’s head about friendship and free assistance from the EU.

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