The best response to terrorism

Just when we are living in safety in our cities that have forgotten the scourge of terrorism...

Just as our country welcomes tourists from all over the world…

Just when Europeans are making plans to spend the winter in Turkey…

Just when our streets are overflowing with chirpy crowds of people...

Just as Turkey's image in the world is gaining prestige due to mediation efforts...

Just for the elections 7 months left… Despite all the showdowns and polemics, when the political climate was alive…

Just when the government promised a more democratic and pluralistic government by saying the Century of Turkey...

Just when the wind of normalization in politics was blowing with the AK Party's visit to the HDP and Demirtaş's being taken to see his sick father...

Just as some names within the HDP made statements condemning the PKK and were experiencing tension within themselves.…

Again the dark focus pressed the button, Again, the terrorist organization took the lives of innocent people by revealing its bloody face.

You could have died in that explosion, I could be, it could have been one of our family...

this attack it, this, It's targeting all of us, not just that..

In spite of those who try to unleash a climate of fear…

In spite of those who try to make this country look like a country whose streets cannot be walked around comfortably...

In spite of the scoundrels who feed on chaos, worrying that if democracy and peace increase, they will lose their position...

We must put aside our political differences and unite in the face of this terrible attack targeting our country..

With his right and his left, with the opposition and the pro-government, conservative and secular, We should stand shoulder to shoulder with the Kurds and the Turks..

We have to go back to the world and continue to tell the world that our country is a safe place..

The best response to terrorism is to shut ourselves up and be afraid., not to increase security policy and narrow the scope of freedoms., On the contrary, on the one hand, they trust the state and the security forces until the end., believing that they will take high-level precautions, On the other hand, it is to do our part to establish an environment of peace and tranquility..

This country has seen these vile attacks many times in the past.. Let's not let them shake us this time.

Damn the thugs who are so mad that they want to take the lives of innocent people in broad daylight..

Patience to the families of those who lost their lives in the attack, I wish our injured a speedy recovery..


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