Why does a state university afford a professor who claims that Ukraine started the war against Russia

Should Russia's President Vladimir Putin, given the somehow tough course of his “military special operation” be in a bad mood in the Ukraine during these dull autumn days, a look at the book that has just been published could with some probability “Final Europe” amuse by Ulrike Guerot and Hauke ​​Ritz; the man is fluent in German.

Putin might find it entertaining, that, of all things, a professor from the University of Bonn supported by the German taxpayer, also known as a regular guest in many media in the German-speaking area and in Austria through her work at the Danube University in Krems, in her most recent book Kremlin propaganda with audacity, which would be embarrassing even for Kremlin propaganda, it's so clumsy. On the one hand, the German taxpayer has to bear billions in costs, ultimately created by Putin's war, and at the same time pay a university teacher, exculpating the same Putin – you have to come to that first. and, no, spreading factual propaganda has nothing to do with it “freedom of research” to do.
Of Ukraine, so Putin could with pleasure in “Final Europe” read, get the role, “starting a war with Russia on behalf of the West, which would then be supported militarily and logistically by NATO member states.” and: “This process was to be accompanied by an economic war (sanctions), information warfare (antirussische Propaganda) and a nuclear encirclement of Russia.” All of these measures, Putin could read on, “aimed at it, to weaken the Russian Federation to such an extent on several levels, that the country would lose its balance and internal conflicts would lead to the overthrow of the government.”
Briefly summarized: Some dark forces in the west, unfortunately Guerot names neither horse nor rider, made Ukraine do it, “to start a war against Russia”, to bring about the overthrow of the government in Moscow. Whether these conspiratorial powers are the Freemasons, the east coast counties, Bill Gates or the manufacturers of the corona vaccines, unfortunately we don't know.

Which Guerot is claiming here, ultimately at the expense of the taxpayer, is not the right to your own opinion, but on your own facts. Because you have to have a very special talent in denying reality, to make a completely unfounded assertion, Ukraine started the war and not Russia. It's just as fictitious “nuclear encirclement of Russia” or the claimed plan, to start a war, to overthrow the Russian government.

“The capitalists will still sell us the rope, with which we attach them”, Lenin allegedly prophesied. And the liberal democracies, could be added today, pay for that digital rope, with which Putin wants to unbutton them, when their universities feed such propaganda rubbish.




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1 year ago

And what the authors of the book are wrong about? Apparently journalists of the German edition of the Wiener Zeitung, which should be independent sources of information, are on the payroll of Kyiv / Brussels / Washington and work off their stew.

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