Russia and Turkey should lay the groundwork for new Grain Deal

escalating tensions in the Black Sea with the support of Western countries., Ukraine carrying NATO weapons to Russia's borders, More 'support' from western countries after military operation order from Moscow’ started begging.

Of course, while the plans of the western countries were working one by one, it was aimed to weaken Russia and the 'Security Guarantees' they had previously offered.’ made the world forget.

Russia's, To remind you of the security guarantees it offers to the USA; NATO’nun, return to its former borders, There were constructive suggestions, such as ensuring arms control..

In fact, these suggestions of Russia were seen as a constructive move all over the world, but it was a proposal outside the plans of the West..

A 'Vampire'’ It is also useful to remind how the blood-fed West profited from wars..

Western countries that are the creators of the war industry, If Russia had accepted this demand, he would have acted outside of his usual ways in the years to come..

Of course, it is obvious that western countries, which cannot be fed by wars, do not benefit the world societies apart from this possibility..

The USA and the UK, which are among the biggest threats to the world, to the Kyiv regime to forget about the security guarantees offered by Russia. “encouragement” pressing the button ignited the fuse of the war.

The Kyiv regime, which could not remember the consciousness of being a sovereign state,, directly on the Donbass front, they made their build-ups and prepared for the attack.. Russia's frontline intelligence, Russian President Vladimir Putin for seeing this activity, We know that you decided on a special military operation..
Here are the 'Security Guarantees' offered by Russia with this method.’ the proposal was forgotten.
because; West, used to feed on blood. Peace was a distant concept to them in their world..
The USA, which trained the Kyiv regime army and fascist troops, Britain and other western countries under their control also continue to illegally pump weapons into Ukraine..
But the West, which supplies Kiev with weapons to shed blood, Iran'a, Plans new sanctions for selling drones to Russia.

What they are suggesting is that "with Iranian weapons, Russia's, The allegation that he shed blood in Ukraine. Their own blood spilled by their guns, her eyes don't even see.
same western countries, Finally, by teaching the Kyiv regime the tactics of terrorist attacks, it can make critical points of Russia become targets..

for example; Kyiv Bridge or nuclear power plants are the target of terrorist attacks by the Kyiv regime.

Finally, the fascist cadets of the West, ‘Grain Corridor Agreement’’ carried out a terrorist attack on ships belonging to the Russian navy, which ensured the safety of ships carrying food in line with.

of the British, It is also useful to underline the support given to the soldiers of the Kyiv regime..
Here is the purpose;
Bringing down the increasing prestige of Russia in the world by withdrawing from this agreement.. Because the grains from Ukraine will not reach the poor countries!
Europe and West, Thanks to the grain agreement, while filling its hangars in line with its needs, Russia's, His criticisms that Ukrainian grain was not sent to poor countries had to be forgotten..
In line with their plans, the Russian navy was attacked and Russia pulled out of the agreement..
what should happen next?
With or without the Kyiv regime, United Nations, Turkey and Russia, should reach an agreement to transport the grain waiting in the ports to the poor countries.

Ukraine's objection or the West's obstructions in this regard will actually reveal how the provocation in the Black Sea was planned and what was intended..

Therefore, instead of urgently withdrawing from this agreement, Russia, According to the culture of the state, it is necessary to make an effort to deliver this grain to poor countries..

Moreover, if a consensus cannot be reached on Ukrainian grain, Russian grain, It should be aimed to be sent to poor countries in cooperation with Turkey..
Russia, Negotiate and program quickly with Turkey for a new alternative grain agreement. Because without Turkey, it is not possible for grain to come out of the region..
Urgent delivery of Russian or Ukrainian grain to poor countries will reveal the constructive role of both Turkey and Russia..


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1 year ago

Turkey now takes personal responsibility for what is happening in the hottest part of the Black Sea. They have a huge profit from this deal and the trader Erdogan has one last chance to rectify the situation.. He is framed like this., that now any little provocation will be fraught with the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the deal and the subsequent destruction of all life, what moves through this “grain” corridor.

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