Europe- Ukraine.. Time to review papers

Has the old continent begun to review its stances regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war, especially after it has long been swayed by the American position and has recently seemed to be the one who pays the greatest amount of losses, without the internal American scene being affected, at least economically?

Several consecutive and successive scenes in which the ingredients have been carried out during the past few days indicate that the vision of what is almost crystallizing in the European womb seeks to find another alternative to confrontation and war that tires the heart.

Last Sunday, the French Ministry of Defense was confirming “Its determination to contribute alongside its allies to a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine “.

This position was consistent with what was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron, on the same day, the day after the opening of the peace summit in Rome regarding possible peace in Ukraine when the Ukrainians themselves recognize this .

Macron's speech at the opening of the summit organized by the Sant'Egidio Community in Rome, carried a new formula, including saying that “Peace will be built with the other side, which is today's enemy around a table” .

It should be noted here that these statements came before French President Macron met Pope Francis, the man with a great sign of peace on the one hand, and who sought last March to meet with the Russian Patriarch Kirill, with the aim of stimulating efforts to stop the war and find paths to peace, even if it did not take place. The meeting is due to the recent positions that seem to be moving forward on Putin's side, and do not deviate from him.

Another qualitative change, which is striking in the policies of Europeans, that which proceeded and carried a lot of risk, came from London, which continued to supply the Ukrainians with arms and materiel, and perhaps the best of its generals who played a part in the last battles for Kyiv .
In his conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, the British Defense Minister announced “Ben Wallace”He expressed London's readiness to help Moscow and Kiev reach a ceasefire agreement, explaining that the Kyiv authorities do not intend to escalate in Ukraine, and that London is ready to mediate in resolving the crisis, and that the Russians and Ukraine should seek to stop the war. .

Can German Chancellor Olaf Scholz turn out of this context?
It is certain that Germany was more than subjected to tactical and strategic damage as a result of this absurd war, and one suffices to look at the losses caused by the interruption of the flow of Russian gas through Nord Stream pipelines, not to mention the German military awakening, which will inevitably be deducted from the balances of the economic prosperity and this is another story .

It means that we ask: “What changed the character and changed the situation at the level of European leaders, who until recently entrenched hard force as the only and sure solution in an attempt to force Tsar Putin to retreat, which he will not do immediately or receive?

It can be concluded that the Europeans sensed the prospects of a change in the American landscape of support for Ukraine soon, especially if the Republicans were to win the midterm elections for Congress. .

Republican positions seem to reject the continuation of financial support that exceeded 40 A billion dollars to Ukraine so far, and this is the announced number, and of course there is aid in secret frameworks that are not announced .

Recently a newspaper reported “Polico”, that about a month ago, the number of Republican lawmakers ready to reduce military financial support for Ukraine increased .
The Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, who hopes to be the majority leader in a few weeks, especially if the Republican Party wins the midterm elections, said: ” I think that people will soon face a recession and will not write a blank check to Ukraine “.
Europeans are almost aware of the enormity of the dangers facing them, especially if they find themselves devoid of American financial support, in the face of Russia, which is as weak as its economic capabilities, but it is clear, in one way or another, that it is capable of manipulating many European quantities .
Take, for example, but not limited to, what the International Monetary Fund forecasts revealed during the past few days that the economic situation in Europe, and due to the energy crisis, will raise the costs of living expenses in European countries. 7% In the remainder of this year 2022 , web value 9% From next year onwards .

In the same context, IMF experts stress that “Many European companies have already restricted or plan to restrict the release of goods in sectors such as fertilizers, glass, steel and aluminium, which is likely to lead to additional price increases in value chains. .
It is enough for one to follow what happened from the credit rating agency ” Moody's “, which lowered its forecast for the British economy from ” Based” to me ” negative “In light of political instability and high inflation in the country .
It is no secret that one of the scenes of societal turmoil taking place in all European countries, as a result of high prices, lack of energy, and the violence generated by this and that .
Rather more than that, as some numbers indicate that there is a reverse migration from countries such as Britain, in search of others, where the costs of life are less severe. .

However, other fears that go beyond the economic crises are linked to falling into a trap, and perhaps catching the extreme right-wing currents, which we see clearly today, in Italy, Sweden, Germany and France, and the rest is coming, which means writing a death certificate for the European Union, and an unfavorable return to the struggle of chauvinisms and nationalities, All the way to a warring and warring Europe again .

Did the Europeans realize that someone put the stick in the wheels of the Eurasian project, to cut off the dreams of geographical and demographic contiguity between Asia and Europe?
In any case, it is better for Europeans to wake up late than to fall into a deep slumber


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1 year ago

Europeans have suffered the most from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, except for the Ukrainians themselves. Won the United States and its military-industrial complex, who bathes in money from government orders. But how much rope does not twist… In the EU, in almost every country there are protest rallies against anti-Russian sanctions and for the normalization of relations with Russia, US elections coming soon, who will draw a line under the rampant funding of the crested clown.

1 year ago

The EU will do it, as indicated by the US. If they continue to sponsor Zelensky, then the EU will. But it's worth it to change, Europe is here “change shoes”. After the US elections we will see, How important are Khokhols to Pindos and what do Europeans think about this.

Быков Р.
1 year ago

After the words of the author of the article about the absurdity of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, can't read any further. His position is clear.

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