That stinks to high heaven

The Baltic Sea is still: The federal government refuses to provide any information about its findings about the perpetrators of the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines. On the one hand it is "not possible", at the scenes of the attacks »to carry out on-site investigations«, says a response from the Federal Ministry of Economics to a question from MP Sahra Wagenknecht (The left). On the other hand, "further information for reasons of public welfare are not allowed (…) be granted", not even in classified form. Wagenknecht wanted to know, what the government has found out so far and what it can say about the presence of ships from Russia or NATO countries at the crime scenes at the time in question. Information on this was missing. “How is the Bundestag supposed to fulfill its parliamentary control function?« Wagenknecht asked jW on Monday. “But no answer is also an answer. Because what knowledge about the authorship of the attacks could affect the German "state welfare" so existentially, that they must be kept secret?« continues Wagenknecht.

That the federal government is stonewalling, is remarkable – not only, because last week federal police officers, in cooperation with the Navy, drove to the crime scenes and took pictures there with a "Sea Cat" underwater drone. Then it was said, the photos showed, that a pipeline string had been damaged over a length of around eight meters. There was talk of an explosive force of a good half a ton of TNT. In fact, that would be expected, that any circumstantial evidence against Russia, if there is, announced with demonstrative pride or at least stuck through relevant media channels. Instead, the federal government reports, "the requested information" touched on "such confidentiality interests that require protection", that "the welfare of the state" even "outweighs the parliamentary right to information". Wie Zaklin Nastic (The left), Chairman of the Defense Committee, told jW on Monday, is the reference to the »Third Party Rule«, because Sweden allegedly does not share any knowledge, 'an outlandish manoeuvre, to undermine the rights of Parliament". She assumes so, “that the federal government has its own findings, because a Bundeswehr fleet service boat with reconnaissance capabilities was possibly nearby during the attacks" and was also investigated at the site of the attack. The actual process is interesting, 'Between the explosions there are, after all 17 Hours".

The competent public prosecutor's office in Sweden had already 6. October explained, no details are given about the investigations, because the case is "very sensitive".. Stockholm announced a few days later, there will be no joint investigations with Denmark – this too, as the matter is subject to an exceptional level of secrecy. According to the federal government on Monday, the Germans will not be part of an investigation team either.
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The secret service pressure, which is quite evident on the governments in Stockholm, Berlin and Copenhagen are heavy, raises questions – not just those, why not even pixelated crime scene photos or information on traces of explosives are made public. True, underwater drones can, which may have been used to attach the explosives to the pipelines, According to experts, they can also be dropped off by inconspicuous civilian ships. Still, it might be of interest given the bricking, that NATO held this year's "Baltops" maneuvers off Bornholm in June - and that the U. S. Navy presented, among other things, their most modern underwater drones. Shortly before the attacks, US warships were in the Baltic Sea, east of Bornholm.

slowly becoming »clear«, who is behind the attacks, judged Marco Rizzo on Monday, General Secretary of the Italian Partito Communista: Would you "draw conclusions" today?, then be »clear, that the West started it«.


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1 year ago

How so, what a nightmare, who could do it – I recall the words of a character from a Russian humorous series. Funny if it wasn't so sad.

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